DIY cropped/half-chiffon tshirt, H&M bandage skirt, Pedder Red suede booties and Zara fringe bag

It’s really kinda hard to tell from this photo but this is my DIY tshirt. I was experimenting around with some chiffon and I ended up cutting out the whole back section and sewing in the chiffon. It’s kinda hard to tell but the edges where the chiffon and tshirt meet are kinda really badly done but I think the unfinished/haphazard quality looks kinda cool to me…uh yah nvm.

Anyways I wore this outfit on Friday night for my FIRST night out clubbing since I’ve been back. Yep, I’ve been such a good unemployed little girl and have been staying home as much as possible in order to conserve my measly little baby piggie bank, but since this was Mo’s first Friday here, and cos a bunch of my friends were leaving back to overseas, we decided to all head out. We started the night out at my friend’s place where we had GIRLS vs. BOYS beer pong, and YES of course, the girls won :D twice.

And so the rest of our night began:

and a sort of better image of the back of my shirt.

And on a totally different note, have you guys seen these Jeffrey Campbell shoes? Look familiar?? Well either way I’m completely in love with the reals and the fakes so of course I want this pair so bad. Too bad no where in HK sells JC shoes ): and shipping from US/UK is gonna be too much…well not that I have $1449hk/$180us to spare in the first place ):

On another note: I went for a job interview today for a graphic designer position at this really well-known department store (famous from London, not saying..just figure it out) and I don’t think I’ll be getting the job cos the lady (who was Visual Merchandising Director) kinda stressed that they were looking for someone with at least 2 years experience and who can speak Cantonese (to liase with contractors, printers, warehouse ppl etc.) and seeing that my experience is only from internships and my Cantonese is basically shite, I don’t think I’ll be getting the job. I haven’t cried about it yet but I probably will in about 2 weeks when I get the call/email saying “SORRY YOU SUCK”. Seriously, this is literally my dream job: working with the VM team to design displays, brand booklets, store signage/branding, the restaurant’s daily/weekly/special menus, advertisements, in-store visuals and other awesome stuff. UGH im so sad now ): but I guess I haven’t totally been denied yet so hopefully they’ll somehow realise I am way more awesome than Cantonese and offer me the job anyways. PRAY FOR ME!

  1. Looks like so mcuh fun! I love your hair :D

  2. I like how the shirt turned out! It looks good in the photos! And I hope you get the job. But I hope they don’t make you attend seven hours of job training like I have to today @_@ I hope it’s paid lol!

    PS: Yesssss, things were SO much cheaper at the sale. ten bucks for a hoodie, six for a shirt, six for a skirt, ten for a dress, 3 for a tank top…and forgot the rest, but yeah! Pretty good haha.

  3. Wow, I love your outfit!!
    Great bag as well :D
    And yes, those JC’s are to drool over.

    Hope you got the job!

  4. oh i always love your outfits! x

  5. Love the chiffon shirt, great idea.
    And those boots<3333

  6. gorgeous, stunning, amazing, and the other photos look like a load of fun. first time since going back? no way!

    haha. and will keep you in my prayers loll!!! xx

  7. Good idear good idear for the shirt!! That would look cool with just the sleeves, or one sleeve kinda bat/cape like, too!!

  8. aw! dont worry denise, there will always be other better opportunities, cheerup! and if they dont take you seriously, maybe drawing on some fierce brows will, huh??

    keep me posted on your eyebrow escapades:)

    xx raez

  9. Looks like you had an awesome night and that DIY tee looks pretty great to me! Good luck with the job and either way something will come along sooner or later. It makes me worried that if I ever move to HK, my cantonese would definitely not be up to scratch at all.

  10. Hello! Randomly discovered your blog after looking up brooke shields and eyebrows :P (i confess im also an eyebrow virgin at 20),it’s pretty amazing you actually think like me on that subject! and your fashion sense OMG!!

    anyway i was also equally surprised you follow sea of shoes etc etc :D

    Count me in as your Aussie fan ;)

  11. Ok, the sewn-in chiffon? So cool.

    I really like the way you photograph your photos. They’re really pretty colors and saturated. You’re gorgeous, btw.

  12. u look super duper hawt!

  13. great pics girl!!!! looks like you had a blast of a time :)
    I’m so jealous of your beautiful long hair!

    Good Luck with the job!!!!! I’ll have my fingers crossed for you!

  14. You are stunning. Love the hair and your eyes!
    And by the way, a few post down, is that all your jewelry?!
    My god, that’s the most amazing collection I’ve seen thus far.
    I am sooo jealous. Sell them to me!



  15. Great outfit! You did such a good job on that tshirt! And these pictures made me smile :) Looks like fun!

  16. I love your tee. That’s showing skin the right way lol.
    p.s. Hope you get the job!

  17. haha i’m praying for you girl!!! surely your education will give you a boost too right?
    loving that shirt! it’s different in a good way :] the uneven seams are sorta noticeable but i think that it looks better when it’s not perfect!
    omg yeeaah girls win beer pong! i suck at it :[ haha i see a lot of intimacy in the pictures :D fun!!!

  18. Oh my gosh I hope all turns out well for you! I love your boots and your t-shirt is kind of really cool :) And ah yeah I hope he’s fine…some of my friends are helping him so hopefully he’ll be fine till school starts.

    You look amazing!


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