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こんにちは!!! Another Tokyo post (here’s the first one) cos there was just way too much goodness to fit into one post..and also cos my video wasn’t ready til now! I’m really proud of this video and really think I’m getting better and better at editing and even filming a.k.a. knowing what kind of clips would be good for the video! I’m really trying to film more (I know I always say that) but 2016, year of #DDTV! It’s been almost exactly a year since I launched my channel so here’s to many more videos! ☆ Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here!

So this trip was way too short for our liking, literally just 2 full days but we managed to fit so much into our schedule and especially into our bellies! I’ve gone on and on in my previous post about how much I love Tokyo so there’s not much more to say! But here are a few more places that I forgot to include before:

Brick & Mortar in Nakameguro
Roots to Branches in Nakameguro
Kapok in Omotesando
Undercover MAD store in Parco mall Shibuya
The Contemporary Fix
T-Site Daikanyama book store
Opening Ceremony in Omotesando
Kiddyland in Omotesando

Sidewalk Stand in Nakameguro
Marugame Seimen (udon) in Shibuya
JBS bar in Shibuya where you can watch the legendary Kobayashi-san serve good drinks and spin even better records
Silkream in Shibuya
Shiro-Hige Totoro Cream Puffs
Luke’s Lobster (if you want to line up!) in Omotesando

Oh and SURPRISE!!! We’re going back to Tokyo again in exactly one month! It’ll be our Chinese New Year break..and we’re officially obsessed with going there. It’ll be our third time in 1 year. SO EXCITED and this time, we’re going to try only eat at places we’ve never been before so PLEASE send over as many recommendations as possible!
〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! Hope 2016 will be an abundant, glorious and just a straight up great year for you, me and everyone!

Seriously why are Japanese little kiddies the CUTEST EVER!?

Around Cat Street area!

Then we headed out on one of the days to the Nakameguro area

And of course who did we bump into while we were literally walking down a random street to get coffee…

JJ of theWanderlister!!!! Always fun seeing our old friend JJ especially in Tokyo! We walked around the area and went to my favourite shop: Roots to Branches. Where I bought a few Hasami porcelain pieces which unfortunately a few of them broke on the way home ):

We never get photos together! We then all headed over to another cute store: Brick & Mortar.

Back in Shibuya for dinner!

At my favourite Marugame Udon UGHHHH SO GOOD

At JBS bar with our old Yashica T3.

Jason loves to make FULL use of his stomach when we’re on holiday, so after JBS, we had second dinner at this yakitori spot that smelt SO GOOD from like 2 blocks away.

さようなら Tokyo! It’s been fun…see you again soon…in…ONE month!!! *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧


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