tom's diner.

This was what I wore the other day to run errands. I was lucky enough to get this Lark & Wolf for Urbie shirt (men’s xs) for just $9.99, original was $34 i think. Score! I’m really feeling the button-up-to-the-top look. I guess it goes with my glasses and the fact that I love math and that numbers are my bestfriends. I also spent a good 30 mins the other night studding out my converse. I really like how they turned out and over the holidays, me and sha are going to venture into studding anything we possibly can.


This is what I wore out for me and mo’s exciting fun day. I went to meet him after his classes and we ran some of my quick errands then headed over to barnes and nobles to get the new Dark Knight dvd. We then ventured up to Tom’s Diner which is right near mo’s house. Tom’s Diner, in case you didn’t know, is the famous diner from Seinfield. They never actually shot inside, just used an exterior shot so I don’t get why this place is even that famous.. But the food was really good and really filling. After dinner we went over to Mo’s house, and the plan was to watch the Dark Knight dvd but we ended up playing Lego Indiana Jones on his new xbox for like 3 hours hahahaha.

Mo had the Reuben Sandwich and I had Chicken a la King.


P.S. Just one more week of this hair-tearing, face-punching and eye-gauging stress and I’ll be flying home for Christmas. Can’t eff-ing wait (:

P.P.S. I don’t know how many of you use Google or Gmail, but honestly I have to say that Google Inc. is the best thing ever. I now use Google Reader to read all my blogs. It works by consolidating all the blogs you read (you input which ones) and tells you who’s updated and how many updates they’ve done. The best thing is that you read everything within this Google Reader page so you don’t have to open up a million windows/tabs. I highly recommend it :)

P.P.P.S. Who else LURVES wordpress’ new layout/interface?
Wordpress >>>>>>>> blogspot.

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