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so turns out they DID use a random clip of our interview!! I think the question was something along the lines of “So do you know what you want already?” Something like that…hahaha. How exciting to be on’s video! Yayyy!!!

———- Proceed to major essay and rant about Topshop, and proceed further to skip past all the blabber and jump right to the photos!

H&M bandage skirt, H&M tights, boyfriend’s Tshirt, Zara trenchcoat, Mulberry Bayswater bag, Frye harness bewts.

Essay first, pics later:
So by now I’m sure you’ve heard alot of hoopla about the Topshop opening, well here’s my renditio:

The day all started at 10am, which is when me and Sha embarked on our TS adventure by joining the end of the line, which at this point had already curved around onto Broome street..actually that’s a lie, the line basically started on the corner of Broadway and Broome, so really, we weren’t tooo far in the line. I heard some people had lined up since 6 or 7 am, dedd-ee-kay-shun. So the lineup wasn’t too bad, I’m sure by now you’ve heard that there were Pinkberry people handing out Pinkberry, and Madewell people handing out Madewell coffee and doughnuts holes and Topshop people handing out more Topshop totes, giftcards and cookies! While waiting in line, pulled me and Sha aside to ask us some questions about the opening, and as usual we acted like fools and had really pathetic responses to her kind of dull questions, so I doubt they’ll even use the footage they shot of us.

After more or less an hour waiting in line, 11am came round. There was some loud cheers and hoorahs which I assume was all the hooplah for Kate Moss and Sir PG prancing around and opening the doors, but how would we know, as us pure mental mortals in the line weren’t blessed by the sight of such commotion. They started letting people in, about 25 people at a time so as to not create a riot and rage of more than 100 ppl charging in at the same time. There was lots of “omg i’m so excited”s and lots of “omg don’t lose me inside”s but once inside, me and sha were very calm and collected and very schematic with our browsing. We worked in a sort of weaving pattern, browsing through area by area, floor by floor.

The clothes themselves were of course amazing as usual, I mean I didn’t expect anything much more zomg since I’ve browsed Topshop almost everyday for the past 3 months or so, I’ve pretty much seen each item already. All except for the Kate Moss stuff, which we kinda avoided knowing that everything would be way out of our measly potato of a budget.

So the craziest thing that after lining up for an hour, unintentionally, we spent pretty much THREE HOURS inside. Don’t exactly know how time disappeared so fast but all of a sudden we realised it was almost 2pm and we hadn’t had anything to eat yet (despite all those alluring goodies from the line-up, which we had none of). After all those 3 hours, I walked out with just TWO items, a coral pink bull-canvas-type dress and floral printed tights (both I had not tried on in the changing rooms cos the lines were just bonkers). Yeah I know, only two items, kinda lame but had I had thou$and$$$ to spare, I would’ve purchased way more.

After an awesome filling meal at Pho Bang, we ended up doing even MORE browsing at Urban Outfitters and H&M, where I actually ended up trying on the pink dress, only to realise that it fit way wrong and was too big, and sha also realised that she wasn’t satisfied with the blazer she had bought..SO we didn’t want to waste the $20 giftcards we used to buy the items, and so we thought we should go back to the store to exchange the items for something better, while still being able to use the $20 giftcards. SOOOO we trekked all the way back down to the store, this being like almost 6pm already, where we were met with yet the same freaking line curving this time all the way round to Crosby. But of course we’re retarded and really wanted to switch our items so of course we lined up..yes..again. After another hour of my life wasting moseying on Broome street waiting for the line to inch away, we finally got in again. I then proceeded to browse everything I already saw, which funnily they reracked alot of things and had already moved alot of the items to different places and different displays, and I was really wrecked as to what I should get instead of the dress. Another 2 hours passes…I swear, once you step into Topshop, time just goes beyond you and disappears. I finally picked out a pair of jeans that I would get instead and was ready to pay, which unfortunately also took like about an hour just to pay cos there was a huge hooplah with our return/exchange. By this time it was like 9pm and I wanted to shoot myself. My feet were dying from being up and out since 9.30am. We FINALLY left the store, I even think it was about to close soon at like 10pm, I heard some people say “We’re closing soon”…insane but I think it was approximately 9.30 when we left. By the end of it, me and Sha almost hated being in the store and swore never to go back…..for at least another week heh, heh, heh.

Sorry for that insane essay of a story, but it was like literally everything that happened on that intense insane zomgwtfbbq Topshop of a day. I didn’t even bring my camera that day either, thought it might make my bag too heavy, so here are just a few pictures taken from Sha’s camera:

With the Topshop giftcards :) still happy at the very beginning of the day..little did I know it would turn out to be the death of me..and my feet.

The ridonkulous line, filled with all sorts of fashionable as well as frumpy people.

A cutesy Topshop lady handing out Topshop edible goodies.

The Topman vespas who went around SoHo literally honking the whole time, not exactly pleasant at 10am.

The lady asked us “Do you have any tactics for shopping?”, I should’ve said “I’m an animal!!! I’m an animal!!!”, but like I said, our responses were lame and boring haha.

And this was after our first exhausting half of Topshop madness. Most people haven’t seen me and Sha together, yes she is my younger sister, and yes we do look extremely like midgets here (-10pts to PB).

So these are the final two items I ended up with: a pair of gorgeous floral printed tights that I love, and a pair of extra comfy and skinny Moto Skinny jeans:

Dunno why it looks so short and stubby here.

Super comfy, wore them today and they’re sooooo soft.

Okay that ends my insane Topshop recap. Once again, sorry for the essay and I don’t blame you if you didn’t read the whole thing hahaha.


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