two thousiez and nine

Lol!! I have NOOOO idea what we were all looking at!! I think this was just after midnight haha.

Happy New Year everybody!! My new years was insane. Way too much drinking in the span of like 1 hour which made me end up not being able to see everyone I wanted to see! Either way it was good fun while it lasted..the after effects however, not so great. I now have a stewpid bruise on my leg and just the sight of alcohol still makes me feel queasy. Oh wells it was all worth it! hahaha.

Also I wasn’t able to get a full pic of my outfit but just fyi, I ended up wearing a Helmut Lang tanktop with a Forever21 blazer and tons and tons of chains around my neck, including my DIY necklace, BDG black pants and those Sergio Rossi wedges I posted about previously. I also used a vintage nude clutch which I luckily managed to hold on to all night.


Today I spent just a few slow hours sewing a skirt. I got some amazing fabric from New York for school that I was able to reuse. It’s black cotton with an awesome gold acid-wash-looking print. That’s silly obi sleeping cos it’s getting pretty cold now. I think there’s some lycra in there too since it has a slight stretch to it. So anyway I was bored and decided to sew up a Camille skirt.

Actually I’m wearing this stretchy wide belt at the waist just to nip it in slightly. These kind of poofy Miu Miu skirts are better worn with heels to elongate the legs, and next time I’ll see what they look like with tights.

Here’s a closeup of the fabric. The print is absolutely amazing.

If anyone would like a skirt I will gladly take orders. I can ship from Hong Kong or if you can wait like 2 weeks then I’ll be able to ship from New York. Please email me for information/orders and I can negotiate a very affordable price (:


This is random but does anyone notice anything different about my eyebrows? ;)

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