ugh, really? are you serious?

New York:

Hong Kong:

I was really sick yesterday with food poisoning or something like that. I was literally in bed, or on the toilet, for like 36 hours. Really really really dying to be at home where my mama can look after me and make me really yummy congee.


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So for some reason, I only recently discovered tumblr, even though I’ve known about it for ages, I just never realised its awesomeness. And since I pretty much have one of everything on the internet (blogspot, wordpress, myspace, facebook, friendster, xanga, flickr, twitter and probably many more) I had to sign up for tumblr.

I decided to dedicate my tumblr to “a photo a day” so I’ll be posting an image I took each day to describe/sum-up my day. Hopefully people will find it interesting, but I’m really just doing it for fun.

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