Converse Maison Martin Margiela Chuck 70s Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops

When a collab as good as this one comes out, you KNOW I’ll be all over it the way I’m all over lemon tarts. I remember first reading the announcement of the collab and plenty of people were saying things like “Oh Margiela is such a sell out..” and once images of the shoes were released, people were all like “Ohh that’s so stupid I can easily DIY that myself..” Well..yeah but you didnt right? That’s always the case with me, the term “I’ll just make it myself” has been said way too many times followed by absolutely no action. Anyway these new Margie Chuck Taylors are the best. The shoe itself is the newer Chuck 70s model which is a combination of new technology applied to a vintage Chuck Taylor shape. The genius paint covered shoe is meant to start to crack and peel off the more and the longer you wear it, allowing each shoe to age differently. From some of the photos and videos I’ve seen, I thought the paint would crack super easy but few weeks in, and my shoe is still covered in all white. Yeah there are a million things that are on runways and in stores that you could easily DIY yourself, but the point is that you didn’t come up with that idea first and well, you’re probably just as lazy as me!

Sumo getting in on that white on white trend!

  1. 5 years ago, I wore chucks as my staples and I had them in just about every colour to match different outfits. Now, I think a pair of fresh clean white ones like these will cover most occasions. Love. x

  2. OMG these are sick. So jealous.

  3. Love the photo of your dog and the kicks!


  4. Hey, did the shoe got inelastic because of the paint?

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