uncontrollable shopping ):

I think I really have some mental handicap that renders me unable to control my shopping habits. Even sha agrees. Which, really, isn’t something to be proud about..more like..something to be worried about, le sigh ):

Jess is visiting from Toronto so we’ve been doing lots of walking around etc. So today I was super super super super excited to go for lunch at Quickly. (: (: (: (: It was sooooo good and so so so worth the wait and the walk in the fo’drizzle. And today I managed to take photos of the yummy goodness. (Warning: overload of Quickly Shabu Shabu food)

Just after leaving the house. Drizzle, not cool.


Individual hotpot stoves!!

My sauce of a concoction. Sewwwww gewd.



lol, over excited?

lulz, sha’s bent chopsticks

The aftermath.

Nanz and a cuties car.

After lunch we went to SoHo where I purchased a new mouse for my lappy. It’s pretty awesome and thin and handy dandy. After, we mosied our way up to 34th street to hit up H&M, Vickie’s secret and Macy’s. At H&M I got this super cuties ruffley/layered skirt. It’s kinda dark navy blue chiffon-y type material.

Look how thin my mouse is compared to my old one. Super handy.

At H&M

Super super cute kids display, how stylish!!

(I was too lazy to fully take off my shorts..)

My new skirt, back at home.

We were super super exhausted after hours of walking around and such so we headed down to St.Marks for Menkui-Tei, super super yum ramen shop. I had Oyako-Don and we ordered THE best grilled cod in der world! Very very very highly recommend that you try this at least once. The meat is super soft and buttery. mmmm getting hungry.

Looks kinda fake, but srsly, iz yumz.

omg omg omg omg omg yum.

Strawberries, blueberries and oreos! num.

haha mama and baby cups.

Jess’ giganormous blackberries. Three, to be exact.

Also, to add to my shopping: yesterday we spent like an unexepcted hour at Forever 21 on 14th street and I bought this black blazer. It was cheap and it’s pretty well-made so..that’s convincing myself it was worth it. I’m thinking of sewing a badge onto the boob pocket. It says The Lion Club.

I will srsly try and focus on not shopping anymore. Hard times ): I’m trying to save up for some BIG BIG buys, so I better have serious self-control.

  1. jimmy jackson

    nice kids display

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