Undercover men’s quilted sleeves denim jacket available at JOYCE or online here, Supreme tee, Uniqlo jeans and Nike Sky Hi Paris Dunks

Blog posts can be all fancy and dressed up but truthfully, half the real life time I’ll be in my trusty Uniqlo black skinny jeans, some sort of boyish oversized tshirt and sneakers and when the weather drops a bit, I’m usually in one of Jason’s oversized jackets. This amazing (I use that word alot don’t I?) quilted sleeve and denim combo from Japanese label UNDERCOVER is definitely a favourite. Undercover is one of those lesser known labels (especially in the ~fashion blogging~ world) but each season I fall even more in love with Jun Takahashi’s collection, especially with the punk rock influence and of course their heavy heavy color palette of blacks and whites. A little less of a fan of their Nike Gyakusou collection but the little limited edition collection Undercover did with Japanese megastore Uniqlo was well received in Asia and although I missed out on picking anything up for myself, I thought the collection was very well put together and some accessible Undercover for the peoples never hurt anyone!

  1. Your kicks are seriously awesome

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