Former DIY front-cropped now shredded tee, AA leggings, Zara trenchcoat, sha‘s DIY H&M bag, urbie plimsolls, prescription Rayban Aviators

Wore this to babysit for 7 hours (yes that’s my unofficial job) and got so bored at one point that I started shredding the shirt I had on, so before heading out that day, my shirt was hole-less. I’m feeling super inspired for my outfits lately..even though the weather is starting to be wonderful. Why you may ask? “I prefer not to answer that, I’m still carrying a lil’ holiday weight.”


A little preview of something I’m working on currently. It kinda looks like nothing right now, just a row of studs, but in the end hopefully it’ll look a gaazillion times cooler.


Prada and Bergys, you kill me.

Wishlist expands by the day. sigh.


And lastly, how funny is it that when I googled “Marni Oxfords,” my wishlist post from my other blog was the first thing that came up? hahahaa I’m so famous.

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