Former DIY front-cropped now shredded tee, AA leggings, Zara trenchcoat, sha‘s DIY H&M bag, urbie plimsolls, prescription Rayban Aviators

Wore this to babysit for 7 hours (yes that’s my unofficial job) and got so bored at one point that I started shredding the shirt I had on, so before heading out that day, my shirt was hole-less. I’m feeling super inspired for my outfits lately..even though the weather is starting to be wonderful. Why you may ask? “I prefer not to answer that, I’m still carrying a lil’ holiday weight.”


A little preview of something I’m working on currently. It kinda looks like nothing right now, just a row of studs, but in the end hopefully it’ll look a gaazillion times cooler.


Prada and Bergys, you kill me.

Wishlist expands by the day. sigh.


And lastly, how funny is it that when I googled “Marni Oxfords,” my wishlist post from my other blog was the first thing that came up? hahahaa I’m so famous.

  1. Hi Denise, Great blog! I like that you cropped the DIY shirt…looks great. Did that take you forever to make? I am STILL working on mine three months later… haha. it’s an “ongoing” project…

  2. which AA leggings are those? btw, awesome blog :) i don’t even remember how i came across it but i’m happy i did – new blog to add to my “blogs to check every day” list.

  3. u have the most amazing hair i have ever seen..

  4. i know what it is i know what it is!!!!!

  5. I love how the way you sweep your hair to one side and put on those cooolio shades! Can’t wait to see the final outcome of your project!!!

  6. Hmmn… Hershey’s Kisses…. ;)

  7. i love your shredded shirt, I diy’d one of my own too! And that bag you are studding, amazing.. I want one soo bad, but I don’t have enough time to do it!!
    And sure I can link you, just added you!

  8. lovin the tee and the studs look exiting and promising…. cant wait to see what it iiis

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  9. I actually read the whole thing! Sounds like a crazy experience but I wish I was a part of it! xxoxoxoxo

  10. owh can’t wait to see what it is, the studs look so healthy. (good quality, I meant) and woohoo look at ya rockin your diy shredded tee! :D

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