Before finally launching my YouTube Channel a few months ago, I had been toying with the idea of it for ages so I started filming a whole bunch of small clips whenever I was out and about for the last few years. I mean I’ve put together videos for certain events (like holidays, events or anything else special) so I’ve always been filming loads on my iPhone or camera all the time anyway. But with all these video clips taking up tons of space on my computer, I never really did anything with them since a few short 30 second videos from one day here, one day there, never really were enough for a full video. After finally racking the video minutes up, I’ve finally put together a nice long #ddtv episode of all the little clips from the last year or so. There’s a lot of random stuff from Shanghai, trips to New York during Fashion Week, my first time in Austin for SXSW and just other life stuff. Hope you guys like the video and some random pics from the last few years that never made it onto the blog!

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Missing my blonde ): Wearing an Alexander Wang coat (similar), Isabel Marant x H&M leggings, Alexander Wang Emile bag and Converse Margiela Chuck Taylors

Out in Paris last year for Converse (see post here)

At Merci, one of the BEST shops in Paris

mmmmmm thinking about the croque madame at Cafe de Flore in Paris (wearing Tom Ford Nastasya sunglasses)

mmmm Acne Studios at Quai Voltaire in Paris

Cutest tea cafe Teakha in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Pretty flowers on my friend’s beautiful wedding dress train from her wedding in Portugal last July (see post here)

Checking out the new Monica Vinader shop in IFC wearing my special The Lam Dynasty ID bracelet

Dis babygirl out in Sun Yat Sen park looking supah dupah fly!

Oh no Declan you little cutie!

Craaaaving some Megan’s Kitchen hot pot right now

My favourite lup lup flowers from my favourite guy


Insanely delicious chips and salsa at CHINO HK

At Nanz’s new house!

Scored the amazing Stop it Right Now Celine deck! Thanks OnPedder!

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