Dunno what to say..kind of..omg what’s that word for “loss of words”…ok i can’t even think of how to say that. Anyway last weekend I did my hair…so…yah it’s partly blue now! I guess you can’t really see the blue in these pics so I’ll take better pictures and explain more next time but anyway here are some pics from the VANS x SK8FIVE2 opening of their indoor skatepark that I hit up last weekend with Julie, Carmen and Jason. Congrats to Brian and Annie and the cuuuuutest ballet baby ever!

Big thanks to Carmen for these pics :D

Elevators from hell



  2. Why we so cool all the time? Green floor with those yellow shoes. Sick.

  3. Dear Who’s-That-Girl

    I believe that if I tilt my head far enough into my computer screen, I can see the seductive and somewhat suggestive words that are my texts from afar.

    All my love,

  4. Loving the blue hair and also your awesome jewellery too!

  5. you look really cool with the blue hair!
    those bright yellow shoes are awesome…i think i’m in love :)


  6. You’re so pretty! i love your jacket and the shoes!!!

  7. Such a cool shoes!! Love the color and looks great on you :) xo akiko
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