Style.com X Givenchy tshirt, Carhartt jacket, H&M pants, Orange gun bag from Homeless.hk and Vans LX Hokusai/Big Wave slip-ons
A couple of weeks ago as I was mindlessly moseying along at work when I got this message in my inbox that someone posted a VANS party invite on our #HKFashionBloggers group. I INSTANTLY stopped, dropped and rolled everything I was doing out of my mind and RSVPed to that shit as fast as I could. I think this was at least 3 weeks before the actual event and within 3 seconds of viewing the invite, I had already picked out my outfit… To say I was excited is seriously an understatement.

A little backstory…back in my wee NY days, I was somewhat of a sneaker “lover” and VANS was one of my all-time loves <3 I got my first pair back in 2005 and haven't stopped buying them since. Since then, I've gotten about 10+ pairs but some have long since passed away due to chronic wear and tear ): Back on track..the VANS event a few weeks ago was held to celebrate the VANS flagship store opening in Hong Kong. The new store is in LCX, Tsim Sha Tsui but the party was held at the Quarterdeck in Wan Chai which is like an old sailors bar. There were lucky draw prizes like iPads stocked with all the Vans apps and some free shoes I think..which unfortunately I got none of. Nonetheless, it was an awesome night out with my BBs (blogging buddies) Carmen, LamFace, Christing and her entourage.

Above outfit pics by Carmen Chan.

Such a classic

Grabbing hands at the stage area

Dope leopard print shoes

Me and ChristingC

Eating…my hair….?

Such a funny photo of us walking hahaa!


Pew pew pew!!!


  1. always love it when you update your blog! Your vans are so, so cool. They kinda look custom made actually. Might look into getting some vans myself, since every other shoe seems to be sooo uncomfortable atm.

  2. OMG i love that painting!!! my bf hanged it on his office wall =]
    where can i buy the slip on? i search on vans.com they don’t have it :(

  3. I always love your looks! And this look is no exception! I’m especially crazy about the bag, but the website you gave for it is for an internet information desk. You wouldn’t happen to be able to find the website that you found this purse on could you? I really like it.

  4. you guys always get the most fun events! i gotta go back!

  5. hahahaha, oh denise, I just copied ‘Vans LX Hokusai/Big Wave slip-ons’ and pasted it into google so I can see where I could get them (I know someone will appreciate the heck out of those shoes), and, well, google returned my results, with half the page just links to your blog and this blog post. LOVE IT. xx

    gun bag = win.

  6. wowee! those leopard sneakers look good!
    btw I love your safari/parka!
    know where i can get affordable ones?

  7. hey! hmm I can’t seem to find you on Instagram?

  8. awesommee gun bag! hope to see you around too


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