Waiting for colour

So I know I haven’t updated in like a million years. I’m slacking and I’m going to blame the cold. I’m back in New York now, been back for the past week already and I really miss home. The day that I left HK it was like 25 degrees (about 82 Fahrenheit) and I was seriously dreading the cold. It ranges from around -10 to 0 celsius degrees here now, making me a real sad and cold puppy ):

Also, the cold has rendered all my outfits to be identical: 8 layers of warmth and a huge ass coat on top, huge scarf, huge hat, huge boots. The other day was deceiving though, it was randomly quite warm so the next day I thought it might still be quite warm and I was very tricked. I ended up going out too underdressed and froze quite a bit.

Another thing, this is the debut of my new sunglasses :) Momo surprised me with these for Christmas <3. They are the Miu Miu round sunglasses that I had been drooling over since I saw the Vanessa Paradis advertisement ages ago. Actually I had been dying to add some super round black sunglasses to my collection ever since I saw this photo of Ashley in Marie Claire wearing the classic Chanels. So happy now that I have these Miu Miu ones. My fav brand to add to my sunglasses collection :) I suppose I’ll have to showcase that soon.


I’ve been complaining about the cold so much and dreaming of warmer weather for quite some time now. When I blogged previously about the H&M spring lookbook, it seriously got me craving Spring and bright pastel colours mixed with some khaki. Some of the new H&M stuff has come out in stores and there are sooo many things that I want. Unfortunately, they’ll have to wait and all I can do is dream of Spring colours.

a mixture of things from Miu Miu, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Teen Vogue, Pixie Market, Bottega Veneta, American Apparel

I think I wear way too much black, maybe it’s just the dreary winter but I’ve decided that the colour I’ll be wearing more of is pink/coral. I love when it’s mixed with beige/khaki which would go well with my future trenchcoat. I am particularly really wanting that coral American Apparel oxford shirt.


Click please.

On a blog note, I’ve begun blogging for Fatlace.com! They are a streetwear company and blogsite and I’ve helped my buddy Jess out with designing some tees for the women’s line. They’ve asked me to write a blog over there so I’ll be updating both of these from time to time. The content on this blog and that one may not always be the same so make sure you head on over there to check it out. I really need to start getting into a blogging routine.

  1. Thank you for this post and information!
    I think that simplicity is the name of the game, here at the pictures we can really see it!
    IÒ€ℒve visited today this urban fashion site. I really liked it! Maybe you will too, it has some very cool and artistic t-shirts and hoodies. Streetwear is the best !


  2. yo denise. thanks for all the hk shopping tips. i wasn’t able to check out granville though :(
    thanks for pointing me to pedder red! checked it out after i hit up h&m in central and i loved a lot of their selection…didn’t buy anything though. i actually ended up in sha tin….hahahahaha don’t ask me how but i went to new town plaza or something and spent a buttload of money on USBs in the shape of macarons and boots from rabbit…i don’t know if you’ve heard of that place but it is pretty awesome. their boots are soft and buttery. of course i had to pick up a pair of shoes at lane crawford. i also discovered argyle center!!! but i was pretty pissed when i found out that you could not try ANYTHING on and that everything ran extremely small…then i found rose&crown in beverly island (i think that is what its called) shopping arcade in causeway bay and OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE. their accessories are so beautiful!!!!!! literally half my budget went there. then i spent a bunch of money on booze at lan kwai fong. twas fun. i wish we could’ve met up! :(

    glad to see you are back in new york. i bet you’re freezing your ass off.

  3. oh yeah!! and speaking of tea, no i did not have tea at IFC yet. i stayed at the penn and had tea there every morning :) my teeth actually got a bit yellow from tea/coffee/smoking overload!

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