Random black top, Zara camo pants, Steve Madden Gretta Platforms, Miu Miu bag.
Above outfit photos by Carmen Chan. Photobomb by Dan.

Last Wednesday we did a last minute get together at the launch of Lane Crawford’s revamped men’s shoes and accessories department at the IFC location. Surrounded by countless well-dressed and very groomed young and cool, old yet trendy men of Hong Kong, the men’s WALK WITH ME event was definitely a good mid-week pick me up! I’m so inspired by how much effort and cooooool-ness some of the men put into their outfits and their attention detail is something I should pick up on. Lots of subtle hints of prints and patterns, perfectly cropped or rolled pant hems and many enviable watches paired with simple bracelets.

As you can see from my outfit above, I’m already taking a hint from the boys with the camo print. I’ve always been a fan of the army military look/colour (um it’s okay that I already have like 4 parkas right?) but lately I’ve gone all the way with the camo print. I mean lately like really lately, as in..just last week. I discovered these camo pants in…dun dun dun…my mom’s closet (LOL). She had these stashed away for ages but never wore them. Paired with all black or white and lots of punches of metal jewelry, I think the camo print will become one of my new (more like my ONLY) staple prints. I already have the pants and an amazing everyday handbag by Amy Chan (AMAZING handbags but unfortunately she has since closed up shop) from almost 10 years ago. I’m also going to order a pair of custom Vans eras in camo print soon! The camo print would look amazing with bright punches of colour like solid orange or neon pink..hmmm if only I had that amazing Cambridge neon pink satchel below!

For more coverage on Lane Crawford’s WALK WITH ME event, check out JJ’s blog TheWanderlister+ and Lane Crawford.

SUPER cute bow-ties that I instantly thought would look so cute on Obi the doggie.

mmmm Louboutin

JJ’s cute bright blue socks peeking out!

And his amazing Cambridge Satchel Co. JJ music bag (sidenote: read about what he thinks of the CSC here)

Panerai + friendship bracelets = PERFECT

Yummy super soft leather backpack

Obviously Tania and Dan said something super funny to Christing!

And finally, some double-strap monk shoes and the perfectly cropped pant hem (with some equally as hot but many inches higher Louboutins in the back)!


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