Back with another absolutely riveting all black outfit! Wow new! Much fashion! So darkness! Was back in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago and in true Hong Kong fashion, just hours after landing, of course we had to get “dressed up” for another event at Lane Crawford. Seriously, Hong Kong is a no joke event city – usually with a minimum of 2 going on each night. I’ve definitely narrowed down the number of events I go to now usually only going to the ones to support real friends and/or when I know for SURE the catering is going to be uhmahhhhzing. Such was the case at Lane Crawford last last week where they launched sacai “THE” composition – a specially designer capsule collection of 19 pieces all designed or curated around the color navy. As usual, the clothes were amazing (wanted everything) and the food was delicious (particularly THESE Elephant Grounds Coffee ice cream sandwiches).

Reviving my circle hats again now that the weather is dropping down a bit. SO EXCITED! Right now it’s like a breezy 18-23 degrees and definitely light jacket territory which makes me so so so happy! Also adding to my ever-growing clutch collection is this new Saint Laurent Big Hearts clutch! When I do color, I usually go for just one and in this case, red red red just like my heart (har har).

I’ve just recently started yoga and am really excited about it! It’s been MAAAANY years since I’ve been in any type of classroom scene (yes I’m getting verrrrry old [older than you think]) so I actually really enjoyed being in a class. I did two trial classes first (at Pure Yoga in Shanghai) just to really make sure that I wanted to commit to the 1-year membership and I really liked it. Yoga is slow enough that it’s not too tough for someone who works out 0 times a year but definitely plenty of resistance working out (omg is that even a term?!) that it really works your muscles and core and you DO sweat a hell of a lot even in NON-hot yoga! Anyway I’m really enjoying it so far and clearly, my poses are 1000% (see below).

Favourite pop of color in my closet right now! Thanks Matches!!

Sweet moves bro!

Really getting into the poses..

Channeling my inner old school China soap opera lady

WARRIORRRRRR come out to playyyyy

Cool jump babez~

OMFG at Gogyo in IFC for dinner, a special on the menu: HTC toast – ham, truffle paste and cheeeeese

And another always favourite: bite-sized tacos – Hard Shell One Bite Tacos filled with raw tuna & salmon, salsa and ye olde guacamole!

On another note, look what we got in the mail today!:

Whoop whoop whoop!

Oh gosh, hold me back man, hold me back! These Comme des Garcons multi-buckle shoes are TDF!

Yay the latest Pedderzine from On Pedder is finally out! The latest AW14 zine called ‘Fountain of Youth’ is On Pedder’s 15th version and is filled with playful images of the latest products mixed in with vintage reminders of our childhood just like a story book we would once flip through. To celebrate the launch of the new zine, digital artist Junu Ahn created a super fun and cute video which brings the latest Pedderzine to life and doesn’t help but add to my ever-growing long long wishlist! Check out the video below:

Watch in HD here!

  1. girl, i loved pure yoga in sg. teachers there are amazing. now that i don’t have access to a super cool studio, i just do my classes on yogaglo.com, which i think you should try too once you’re comfortable practicing by yourself at home :D

  2. your outfit is so on point, the clutch really brings it all together! and good luck on your exercise journey, I’ve started hitting the gym myself!

  3. Your Chinese soap opera lady pose had me cracking up. I think you nailed it. Can that be the new blogger pose? Looking off to the side or taking a fake step is so overdone. Soap opera poses are way cool. Seriously, let’s make that a thing.
    Two thumbs up for your crazy cool poses and three thumbs up (my two and one stolen from a random stranger on the street) for that awesome bag as well as the gorgeous Moratorium necklace. Time to go click on the link for the clutch and be inevitably sad when I can’t pay for it with the many pennies I’ve gathered in my piggy bank.

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