Stopped by the Electric Sekki press preview the other day to look and feel/mor-ha all the pretty new collections. My favourite hands down had to be the new KSUBI and STYLESTALKER collection. Seriously in love with all the KSUBI denim and black combos and the pretty Stylestalker girly but not girly dresses. Oh I also got to meet Sue-Ann from Stylestalker who is the coolest most chill girl ever and it was great to finally meet one of the girls behind the iconic Australian brand!

Above photos by Carmen Chan, all others by me.

Can you believe it’s already about half-way through June? This year has seriously gone by way too fast. Like too fast that I still have drafts for my blog that I was meant to post up last December but never got round to. This Thursday will be the first day of funemployment for me and I can’t freaking wait to do absolutely nothing. I’ve been working practically non-stop for what might literally be 8 years since graduating high-school so I definitely need to chill out for a bit. I won’t be completely free though as I’ll still be working on some stuff but it’s good to know that I can stop at any point and just mosey about if I wanted to. Everything is super good now and I can’t wait to see/eat/drink/experience what the rest of this sweaty/humid/sunny/fun summer is going to bring!

Priscilla from Electric Sekki!

Beautiful wallpaper prints by de Gournay

Amazing chrome silver sunglasses from KSUBI eyewear.

Cool graphic print on these KSUBI jeans.

Love love love love everything about this KSUBI collection (Right photo by Carmen Chan)

SUPERGAs! Now selling at LAB Lane Crawford, can’t wait to get a pair of these!

So cute!

Ughhh so cool


  1. Hahaha hope you had fun mor-ing all the stuff. Yay I have a fellow funemployment comrade now!

  2. Samantha

    I love your blog! I’ve been fallowing it for awhile now… Anyways, I haven’t seen you post anything about PB lately. Is everything ok with you guys? I hope so!!

  3. aawwkkwwaarddddd ^

    hey dd you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey dd! hey dd!

    luurrrvvee der ksubi stuff, buy for me?

  4. Sha is so funny. Vintage Chanel always wins.

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