The other day I attempted a lame ass version of the Dellal hair flip, except I don’t have a bad ass half shaved head. My bf thinks I would look good with a half shaved head, but I think I’d prefer to have my head stuck in an Ostrich’s hole than walk out with half my hair gone, alTHOUGH I did want to shave my head back in yr9 (the thought of looking exactly like my brother made me change my mind). My monster hair is getting extremely long, which took me ages to grow btw, so it’s very very hard for me to part with it. Me and my hair are bestfriends, she wraps and bundles me up when I’m cold and keeps me company when sha and my bf aren’t home. My do is also very very very voluminous so it can get pretty outta control sometimes, but I refuse to cut it..even if I am getting a little bored with it.

We also went to Le Petite Belge on 14th street, which btw, is the cutest fucking name for an awesome Belgian Waffles place. The waffies are so flaming good and they warm and toast it up for you, why it’s like heaven in a bowl!!



This is like me everyday, refusing to start any work..procrastination-nation.

  1. mmmmmm waffles! was that awkward blonde guy there again?!

  2. omg.. ur hair issooo long. i want LONGER hair… then i can cut it :D

  3. have you seen the “BUMP IT”?!!

    its hilarious! and i’ve seen girls use it…look totally wrong ladies! dude just tease the ish out of your hair, google “back combing”. youre hair is so nice, cant wait to see what you do with it

  4. when the hell was this? i love how you have days in new york where i have no idea this even OCCURED.
    hate you for life don’t ever talk to me again.
    haters gonna hate.

  5. Heh nice hairflip, love the idea of looking like your own brother though, good choice not to shave it. (ARHG WAFFLES)

    Btw your site is a part of that clickita clicks of mine, so naughty of you.

  6. That is like exactly my life tooo….where is my liiiife. hahahaha, i am so jealous of your voluminous hair… the top of my head is generally very flat and non voluminous hence emphasizing my conehead (i actually have a point at the top of my head, so awwwwkwarrd… hahaha)

  7. I think you totally pull it off! I want your camera *__*
    I’ve added you to my links, hope you don’t mind!

  8. ur hair is LONG
    im trying to grow mine
    its been the longest since forever
    cuz ive finally managed not to cut it =D

  9. That comic = my life. Haha. I totally got the Dellal flip- it looked nice.

  10. 1.very voluminous hair indeed.
    2.that waffle’s making me really hungry at 2 am
    3.stop procrastinating

  11. i liiike your blog, wanna trade links?


  12. Oh man, wish I have topshop in Hawaii! So lucky you! Please post pictures of the store! You have a really a great blog! xxoxoxoxo

  13. Fella cross your page while searching for pics of real people wearing Frye boots (trying to decide if I”m gonna buy a pair!)… cute blog, very funny. The cartoon on this post made me laugh so I had to comment!

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