H&M sheer blouse (similar here), random tube top, Topshop Leigh jeans, Converse white leather chucks and mata hari Grace Mini purse (not pictured)

A couple of weeks ago, Stephanie (of #chefanie fame/the wedding I attended in Koh Samui) invited a few of us to a super exclusive dinner for Converse at one of my favourite hangouts: Linguini Fini. The dinner was to introduce Converse’s takeover of it’s own brand in Hong Kong to our resident tastemakers and style influencers of Hong Kong, which of COURSE included the Brew & Post crew. The intimate (meaning mad chill, bro) get together at LF started with drinks and yummy snacks at the LF bar downstairs followed by a super BOMB-ASS DELICIOUS feast upstairs at the fully SHUT-DOWN-EXCLUSIVELY-FOR-CONVERSE 2nd floor.

The cutest part of the night were these individually stocked (with awesome shoes) and marked cubbies for all of us! At first mine had Marimekko white lampshade/cup-(??)-printed hightop chucks that I wasn’t really feeling so I swapped them out with someone else who mistakenly (luckily for me) was given the wrong size of the Marimekko polka print hightops!! As for my outfit, I tried to keep it cooool with some sheer blouse, black jeans and of course laced up one of my favourite pairs of sneakers ever: all white leather Converse Chuck Taylors. I also rocked my new mata hari Grace Mini (designed by super cool Grace Lam, Senior Fashion Style Editor at Vogue China) for the first time! I’ve since used it a bunch of times so you’ll see it loads more in future blog posts! BTW, don’t forget to follow mata hari on TWITTER or SINA WEIBO and please LIKE their FACEBOOK page!

The mata hari Grace Mini on our cute little Converse-d-up place setting!

Sitting on the cool table with my favourite B&P buddies :D


Woohoo yay Brew & Post (and Alex/Hypebeast!) missing Jason ):


Some insta pics! Are you following me yet? @SUPERWOWOMG

Super cute Marimekko hightops! Love the yellow/brown random polka print that kind of looks like leopard print!


  1. That was a fun night! Look at Derek’s hand sign in that group photo. Teenagers these days! Those Marimekko Cons are so nice, hope you wear them soon. #chefanie forever!

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