H&M black lace dress (similar), Urban Outfitters wool hat, CΓ©line Mini Cabas tote and Converse CDG Play Chuck 70s Low.

For the the past few years, I was really hesitant on going to Tokyo because of all the news about radiation scares, warnings and to be fair to Tokyo, general ignorance on my part about the real state of the city in regards to the radiation. Jason finally convinced me that it would be 1000% fine and that just a few days trip wouldn’t have any effect on us radiation-wise. I’d been to Tokyo tons of times when I was younger and was dying to go back and so in July, we finally headed over there. It’s pretty safe to say that we are now drop dead in love with Tokyo. Jason shopped his brains out (I a little less) and we both ate until we hated ourselves. There was so much to see, to eat, to shop and yet still so many things on our list that we didn’t get a chance to do. Huge thanks to Uncle Chooee for being with us every step of the way via text message, constantly giving us recommendations or directions no matter where we were. We ended up going to Tokyo twice within July, that’s how much we loved it. Timelines and photos are a bit blurred as to which ones were from which trip but just be prepared to fall completely in love with Tokyo once you get there.

There’s just so much to shop and eat in Tokyo so here’s a really quick list of the places we loved to death:
Comme des Garcons Aoyama
Undercover Aoyama
Prada Aoyama
Acne Studios Aoyama
MAD Store Shibuya
Isabel Marant Omotesando
Tokyu Hands multiple locations
VISVIM in Gyre Omotesando
CDG Good Design Shop in Gyre Omotesando

Maison Tonkatsu multiple locations
Tokyo Mita Tsukemen Shibuya
Paletas Daikanyama
Omotesando Koffee
Good Town donuts Omotesando
Number Sugar Caramel shop Omotesando

Note: all photos were taken on either Panasonic Lumix GX1 or iPhone

And if there was only just ONE piece of wisdom I could pass on to you guys, it’s that when you visit Tokyo, the ONE THING you must either bring with you or buy there is a HAT. And I mean a hat like a fedora, wide brim hat, straw hat or some sort of round circle hat and that’s because EVERYONE and I mean EVV-ERR-REE-ONE wears one there. Jason felt so out of place that he even bought a cool new hat from Dover Street Market Ginza.

Obligatory stop at the huge CDG store in Aoyama.

Just completely died at these curly shoes. So funny!! to say one of our favourite Japanese brands and stores EVER EVER EVER

Had to hit up A Bathing Ape

Our first meal upon landing at 11pm turned out to be our favourite meal OF ALL TIME: Tokyo Mita Tsukemen

OBSESSED with these little grandpas!!! Waste of money? I THINK NOT!!!!

Prettiest colorful buildings: Left is the Isabel Marant store in Omotesando and right is right opposite Omotesando Koffee


….*instantly gets stomach ache after drinking too much coffee*
Wearing Jason’s white tee, Acne Flex jeans and same accessories as above.


If I thought I was obsessed with the salted caramel smoothie from Kopapa in London, boy did I trick myself. This icey caramel slushie was probably the best thing I had drank that whole trip.

And now I leave you with two delicious bowls of ramen and half a plate of dreamy (as in, dreaming of you tonight gyozabbs~) gyozas!

  1. Could not stop staring at those ramen lol!

  2. Wonderful pics… Love them all! The dishes looks delicious!

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