A couple of weeks ago I hit up the Sam Edelman event held at Lane Crawford. The man himself was there presenting a limited edition line of shoes he designed especially for Lane Crawford. It was a fun packed hot little event at the shoe area of IFC where shoppers were confused as to what all the commotion was about, it didn’t help that the event was held RIGHT next to the sale section! There was fun cute little cupcakes and cookies with the iconic Edelman Lorissa and other shoes printed on them served and it was great to see the usual HK social media and blogger peeps out as usual!

Amazing mohawk studded loafers!

And these exclusive studded mohawk Lorissa heels! Soooo hot!

Loved these cute little everyday flats.

Even the little stand is cool no?

I spotted this lady from far away and I thought to myself I haaave to take a pic of her! That necklace, the denim shirt, yellow sweater, leather coat AND glasses were tooooo cool to avoid and I was so so so flattered and surprised she knew who I was hehehe! Turns out she’s a jewelry designer and designed that amazing necklace herself! Kate (above) and her sister Bridget run Barnett Jewellery and they make these amazing skull and tassle necklaces. You guys have to check them out! They don’t have an official website but they run this awesome blog here or find them on facebook! Sorry the photo isn’t the best to show off the necklace but you should really check out their stuff!

And this is what I wore…not a great photo I know..and also check out those th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th-thUNDER THIGHSSSSSSS :D It was super hot in there so I had to take my leather jacket off…but anyways I wore the black Sam Edelman Lorissa’s (along with pretty much everyone there) and I loved how cooooool they made me look lol

and lastly, here’s a little clipping of me and Nanz from SCMP (Hong Kong’s no.1 English newspaper) from the event!

I’m off to have a fun day catching up at tea with one of my former bestfriends (hahahaha) who left to Canada millions of years ago and is now back in HK just visiting for a few days and I’m sooo excited to see him! But first, I’m going to be a slave and bring my current bestfriend JULIE PARK some fried rice and then we’re heading for hotpot dinner tonight! Topping the night off with drinks with my favourite blogger gang hehehe can’t wait!

Okay bye guys!


  1. those cupcakes and cookies look so cute :)
    you do NOT have thunder thighs! you look BEAUUUTIFUL!!

    Barnett jewellery have some really cool pieces. Super cute sweets too.
    Looking cool as always Denise :)

  3. i would die for all those shoes!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. As much as I love my Sam Edelman Pax boots, I hope he’s got some more tricks up his sleeve because studding shoes can only go so far…

  5. OMG this is so kewl. love lane crawford!

  6. Cuteeee picture of you and Sha (: Seems like you had such a great time at the event! The studs on all of the shoes make me want them so much; I like how you kept your outfit simple and really let the studs stand out, they’re such statement shoes. Hope you have a good rest of your weekend! xx

  7. you did not even bring me FRIED RICE :@
    i was STARVING…and dyin…(from bein hungover) but still….pshhh…
    but yah nice shoezzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Amy Nadicksbernd

    I can never find a pair of the studded shoes in 11. I shop locally and online! Help!

  9. Lol @ Jul’s comment above. Geez you are busy woman!
    Did you save me a cupcake? :P

  10. Denise! It’s been too long. I moved a while back from haute foodie to a more personal blog at wordpress. I completely stopped checking all of my bloglists. So glad I stumbled here and found you. Hope all is well.

    P.S. your legs are beautiful.

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