Stylenanda double guns tee, sass & bide Rosario sunglasses from Electric Sekki, American Apparel leggings, Alexander Wang Rockie bag and Superga 2750 Cotu White sneakers.

Taking it back a month and a bit to more sunny and hot days in Koh Samui, Thailand. All I can remember now is being constantly hot, waiting for those precious moments to be indoors in the aircon (almost the whole time basically), our amazing giant balcony/patio and discovering crazy pirate ships and beautiful blue skies. Living in Hong Kong practically my whole life where Summer temperatures shoot up to what feels like 100000 degrees doesn’t quite prepare anyone for any heat anywhere anytime of the year. Seriously don’t get why people love it. Sign me up for 15-20 degree weather any day and/or aircon at its coldest 24/7 please.

On this particular day, me and Jason decided to walk around the little streets near our resort and discovered Pirate ships, racist lawn ornaments and bombass mother fucking beach buckets along the way. We took advantage of our resort hotel and hit up the spa for a super soothing and comfy full-body scrub. I’m such a spa-newb so I basically did whatever nanz told me to do and now I want to do a full-body scrub eeeeeeeeeeerday!


Too fucking hot

Pirate ship

That beach bucket TOUGHLOVE steez

Still too fucking hot

Aircon indoor/outdoor hybrid = perfect


Rosario vs Clubmasters


  1. If only there was a way to be someplace like this but sans the high temperatures. But then maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the 15 degree weather, hehe. Looks like you had a really lovely time (:

  2. This little trip looks so dreamy. Quite jealous that being located in HK means that so many gorgeous holiday destinations are not too far away. I know the UK is part of Europe and all but all my dream destinations are on the other side of the world! Gorgeous gorgeous photos as always!

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