Light denim raw-edge trench from Korea, Zara chiffon camisole, Black cuffed pants from NeedSupply, Dr. Martens 3-eye 1461 shoes, Stay Weird Forever Pizza bandana, Topshop wrap top and THPShop Elven ear cuff.

The other day we were talking about blogging and whether or not it’s even relevant anymore. With the number of users on instagram weighing in at way over 150 million users, are “blog-followers” even still checking/reading blogs? It’s a fact that it is ten times easier and faster to keep up with a “blogger” you follow on instagram than on their actual blog. Nowadays, posting non-iPhone photos (i.e. DSLR photos from your blog) on instagram is so common and so many “popular bloggers” are doing it so is their instagram feed basically their blog? Personally, I still check blogs (through Feedly) all the time but let me be honest with you, my blog stats have dropped a tiny bit in the last few weeks and although I know it’s not always about the numbers (and nor do I do it for the numbers), I was just wondering what could’ve been the cause. Are people still reading blogs or simply turning to easy social media outlets like instagram to keep up with their favourite bloggers? Let me know your thoughts!

Photos by Lauren Engel

Rings L-R: Topshop dainty rings, evil eye ring from Korea, Vita Fede Titan ring and Jennifer Zeuner LOVE curb chain ring.

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