H&M shorts, F21 tee, Zara blazer, Frye boots, Vivienne Westwood bag, random bracelets, my own necklace

lol btw let the gif load..its funny :D

(btw my eyes ARE open…they’re just that small….)

haha excuse my extremely “chan” (weathered/tired) face

I had my hair in a braided bun with loose strands in the front. I thought it was quite nice and simple, Julie on the other hand, thought it was quite old granny.

I haven’t really been doing much lately except for going to work and feeling my ass and thighs grow millimeter by millimeter, minute by minute. I hate the office-life where all you do is go to work, sit for 4 hours, get up, get lunch, then proceed to sit for another 4 hours. Ugh, can’t imagine this is what will be happening for a good 10 years more.

I have however been going on a bunch of interviews. Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck again. My interview on Monday went pretty well. I’m so so so so proud and surprised at myself that I managed to go through the whole 45 minute interview speaking Cantonese!!! I don’t think I’ve ever spoke that much Cantonese consecutively for so long EVER. Even the lady said she was impressed by my Cantonese and that I was quite fluent cos I told her in the beginning that I might sound like crap. Yeessss, SCORE! There’s actually two positions available and one of them is soooooooo perfect for me that I really really really really really really want the job Y.Y like you have noooooooooo idea..so hopefully I’ll be receiving THE call in the next few days *fingers crossed, toes crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed*

Momo bought my mom some Agnes B truffle chocolates the other day and, hehehe, I got some too. Each of their flavours of chocolates have a different image on top and mine is of course the Eiffel Tower..but not cos of the image but because it was Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate (yummm). The “B yourself” is Caramel Milk chocolate (for ninz) and the “B happy” is Hazelnut Crunch Dark chocolate (for euge).

I love Agnes B and everything they do, even outside of their clothing and accessories. I don’t think they’re very popular in America but in HK, everyone and their mother owns at least ONE thing from Agnes B. Outside of clothes, they have a cafe, chocolates, a florist shop, a beauty store and probably some other stuff too.

“nom nom nom, obi’s bear is sewwww yummy”

“slurp slurp slurp, mmmmmmmm”

“eh? did you say something??”

You guys have to watch this!!!!!!!!! Omg this baby is waaayyy tooooo cute!!!!! I dieeeeeee everytime she smiles hahahaha. What a mini baby slut!!!!! Actually some people might find this disturbing since the little girl is 4 years old..but come on, you can’t deny that she is TOO FREAKING CUTE.

  1. these photos of you are sooo darn cute! i love your wonderful gifs. they cheer me up. hahah


  3. Oh my, that IS disturbing. Your gifs beat that little girl any day haha

  4. OMG hahahaha that’s so cute. But gross at the same time. I get goosebumps when she acts too provocative. lol

    I agree with the whole 9-5 thing (except mine is 9-6:30). I think I’m gonna go drink my life away.

    Anyways, what job did you apply for?

  5. hahah that first gif is looks like your saying ” mehemehmeh. ” seeee u are better at cantonese than you think.

    lol at mini baby slut.

  6. lol, oh star king… they always bring out the slut within the little girls.

    i love that you post .gifs.

    hope you receive THE call. best of luck! =)

  7. i got the harnesses for 5 bucks a piece!

  8. Hahaha, I like your hairrrr…it’s not granny style hahhaa. And LOL. Every time I watch that clip I can’t help but to laugh like an idiotttttt. she’s adorable!

  9. omg my friends and i just had a massive group discussion about wondergirls today hahahahaha
    but that baby is pretty adorable…i think i haven’t seen a better version of the tell me dance. her wink is killer! star king never fails to amuse.
    and your gifs are so adorable!
    i love the vivienne westwood bag :)

    and yeah i’m back. school starts awfully soon for me :(


  10. Are you boots the Frye harness 8Rs? I’m on the brink of breaking down and buying them, but I really want to know how they fit. Are they narrow?

  11. Omg that little girl is so adorable!!

    I love your outfit btw, you look amazing!

  12. love your braided hair, your booties, your outfit.
    anyway, that little girl danced so damn cute..:)

  13. hey girl! the gif’s are too funny. diggin’ your outfit – def a look i’d rock from head to toe…and obi needs to meet my yoko…sooo cute!

  14. gif is too cute as well as the braided bun! not granny at all!
    lol “mini baby slut” so true!
    so many interviews! you’re bound to get one of them! :D

  15. i really like your blog :-)

  16. funny gif. hope you get that call soon.

  17. Hi there, mind if I request for a up-close shot of the necklace you had on for this post? Looks interesting.. :)

    BTW love your site! Keep up the good work!

  18. LOL the gifs are so cute!

  19. haha love the gif and your necklace is so pretty!
    I think I see the disturbing side of that little girl more than the cuteness but that’s probably cuz kids aren’t my thing.
    Good luck with your job search :)

  20. goodness wonder baby is freaking good! scary…but good… I’m not sure how I feel about her though, too much hoochie for a 4 year old’s body… your puppeh is the cuteness! :)

  21. Oh my goodness I love Star King!
    That girl is amazingly co-ordinated for a 4 year old~ so cute ><

  22. HAHA that girl IS cute!

  23. hahahaha, you’re gifs made me laugh out loud.

    and omfg at one stage both my mum and i owned something agnus b, possibly bags times two. embarassing!!!!

    (love outfit)

  24. Your GIFs are always super cute! I love them!

    That littel korean girl was border-line disturbing only coz i can’t believe a little 4 yr old has better moves than me! hahahaha


  25. great pics as always! the gifs are so funny, haha.

    and you’re so pretty! the bun is ace!

    p.s. i loved your “essay” – i love reading long comments, haha. yeah it’s so weird how different each part of the world is.. i can’t believe how conveniently i live back home.. honestly, i felt so spoiled. that’s really cool about your dad’s factory!!! you got to see how jeans were made?! that must’ve been seriously so cool.

    oh, and the wonderbaby video.. i totally watched like 3 of those on youtube (i couldn’t find anymore). SHE’S SO CUTE, ahaha.

  26. WAH! it’s taken me way too long to get back into the flow of things blogging-wise. so many changes. your blog looks amazing! i’m really digging this new look.

    great DIY necklace! i made a safety pin one but it’s far more shiny / silver. i’m liking yours more. haha.

    GIFs are fun. keep ’em coming :P

  27. seriously you have the best jewelry pieces!
    they’re all so pretty!
    and yay for wondergirls : )


  28. i can’t wait to see more of your jewelry line bebehh! and i’m always the grandma of my friends… old lady looking shoes and big old clothes. haha.

  29. hehe that gif made me smile :) I love your neckless! And those chocolats look yummy, I adore truffles!!!

  30. that first gif made me giggle so much – and that one with the eyes makes you look very cheeky :P
    miss your blog! i really wish i could have gone over to hongkong to visit you…maybe in two years? :)

  31. i love your photos!!
    and that necklace is so amazing!

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