work, work and the return of beaver hats!

I have been extremely busy with school work, so much that sleep is getting less and less and eye bags are getting more and more. I’ve gotten to be so tired lately that I’m starting to pass out unexpectedly in class now when I never used to. So this is going to be a super quick update with minimal type and maximum photos. I’m updating just so this blog doesn’t completely die, and me along with it.

Last Thursday I made yummy yummy kimchi friedrice with leftover chicken for dinner!.

Then later on me and mo met up with lovely kayiu and adam for some serious cupcakes. Then i was a big and adventurous girl (again) and trekked my way east PAST essex street to adam’s place :O :O :O. mommy would be proud =D

I guess we were so excited by the cupcakes?

Then on Friday, after Mo finished school, I introduced my fur collar (?) to the world. lol, it was pretty intense and really hot. This day was a real eventful bumping into people without them knowing day. This is a photo of my fur (FAKE) collar, my big hair, and silly sha sha:

Then on Saturday we stayed home all day to “work” and Jackie came over to “work” and we ended up feasting on TWO minibeeyags of popcorn.

Then Sunday came and went really fast. We went for yum cha at Ping’s with my older sister and then mosied around town where I made my first ever silly beaver hat purchase =D

Sha was so cuties! But took her bowtie off later cos it was toooo hot.

Tree chunks.

This is a little old lady (lol) that wanted to be our friend.

Hello Beaver Hat!

Lastly, today was an exhaustingly sleepy day of school. But we had an awesome AIGA GIRLS meeting hahaha.

Jackie is so cool (H)

This is what we do in class, huddle.

Haha julia’s cute little niece!!!

Okay that was my update for now. And now I return to pulling my hair out and designing my brainz off.

  1. omg.. the picture of me and Jackie is SO funny. She was having a blast and me was just standing there and didn’t even know you took a picture. Getting cupcake was fun! Im SO proud of you walking all the way to Adam’s place! You almost made it to FDR! Let’s have more dessert nights!

    … Dude, What are you gonna be on Halloween?

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