I’m not sure if many of you follow me on twitter (uhh, “chanel_world” are you trying to sell me fake Chanel stuff???), but if you are, you should very well know by now that I am completely bored out of my mind lately. Being jobless and penny-less sucks. I’ve resorted to staying at home pretty much everyday now and lounging around in my yammies. I know it’s disgusting, and I try not to let it happen, but I ended up waking up at 2pm today..even though I slept at 2am last night -______-

So anyway due to my complete boredom, I decided to take pics of my jewelry collection! These are basically all the accessories that I wear most of the time, but of course me, nanz and my mom pretty much share everything so this is not even including nanniez’s and my mom’s stuff, which would srsly be like hundreds of photos since my mom loves to collect stuff and hates wasting or throwing things away so she has some jewelry from like her younger years.

The mess on top of our dresser. The necklace branch that I bought for nanz was overloaded and it toppled onto the floor and all these branches broke off. So since then we’ve just thrown everything into a pile and it just piles up and gets harder and harder to sort through..or more like I get less and less bothered to deal with it.


Kenneth Jay Lane cuffs (tiger, black studded, triple stud and b/w cuff)

A mixture of thin bangles from India, H&M and SoHo streets
White Rabbit fur bracelet from HK Society of Fur
2 newly acquired black leather bracelets from H&M

Silver chains: 2 Tiffany & Co., T&Co cuff, Vintage Snakehead cuff, Random bamboo bangle, Fake Links bracelet from China

Fendi turtle shell bangle
In the back there is a DIY multichain bracelet I made

Brown leather bracelets: L-R: braided leather from when I was little, Bottega Veneta double braided and Louis Vuitton

Watches: L-R: Agnes B, Rolex, Casio.


The mini-tree is from CB2.

Blue ring by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Random Cameo Locket Ring
Spike ring by Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories

Oxette gold/silver ring
Urban Outfitters single stud ring
Wire ring with Swarovski rhinestone from Young Designer’s Market

Kenneth Jay Lane rings: pineapple ring, zebra head ring
H&M plastic gem-like ring

KJL black/gem ring, random white ring, silver ring with black chain from China and Oxette ring again

all rings from Forever 21 (The stone ring in the back was such a good score. It’s a size too big but I had to have it)

Top to bottom: J’s, random silver ring I found, Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Full Heart and vintage DKNY screw-thingy.


Big mess

My DIY chain that has random little trinkets strewn around

Another DIY chain necklace

Pedder Red tiger necklace (fyi, I’m born in the year of the Tiger so I love tigers)

Kenneth Jay Lane peanut necklace, H&M multi-chain and Club Monaco chunky chain necklace

This is probably the necklace I wore the most often cos it’s the most meaningful. Firstly, the round ring is a ring that me and my bestfriend Julie got together. Secondly, the squarish ring is, believe it or not, my mom’s wedding ring. Everyday I wear it, I unconsciously twirl with it and play with the rings and if I were to ever lose it (touch wood) I would probably be killed and would cry for the rest of my life.

DIY chain and ribbon accordian necklace I actually made for nanz.

Bunch of random chains

Some super random necklace with these spike/chilis that I found quite recently

Awesome chain I got for $8US on the streets of NY from some extremely bearded guy outside of Urban Outfitters on Broadway and Houston

Black skull necklace from Pedder Red


Well glasses was something else that I really wanted to start collecting. About a year and a half ago I went to the eye doctor because my eyes were constantly blurry for some reason and it turns out, the contacts that I had been wearing were the wrong curvature and basically acted as a suction on my eyeball. SO BASICALLY, the eye doctor told me to stop wearing contacts FOREVER and that wearing glasses was really my only option for now. Not gonna lie, I cried at that point. I love sunglasses soooooooo much and I can’t wear them without wearing contacts so it just totally broke my heart. Now that it’s been so long, my doctor said my eyes have totally healed but suggests that I don’t start wearing contacts again, but he said it would be okay every now and then for just the day. But until I can afford Lasik, I’ll be just hording these to myself and saving them for that glorious day. What’s actually quite funny is that basically these 5 favourite sunglasses of mine were all purchased within the last year haha and I’ve probably only worn all of them probably only like 2/3 times each.

Miu Miu round glasses – gift from my momo :D had been wanting these for sooooo long and was so happy when I got them for Christmas last year :D

loooove these Chloe ones

Rayban Aviators. These are actually the only sunglasses I get to wear cos my mom changed the lens and added prescription so that I could wear them. It’s pretty expensive to get prescription sunglasses and I can’t even begin to tell you how stupid I feel switching from regular glasses to sunglasses constantly or even HOW annoying it can get -.-

Rayban Wayfarers that my mom scored for $50 from Century 21. Actually my brother wears them now cos I’m just sooOooOoOo nice I lend them to him.

Bottega Veneta sunglasses that I got for my birthday right before I was told I can’t wear contacts anymore Y.Y

and just for fun, here’s my bowtie that I bought from J.crew Kids :D

Lastly, I just wanted to introduce you to one of the best fruits ever. Mangosteen. They’re one of those exotic South East Asian fruits, like rambutan and durian. I think they’re pretty hard to acquire in America but if you CAN find it, I suggest you try them!! They’re sooo good and soooo sweet. Oh also, if you live in New York, there’s a juice/smoothie place on the Upper West Side (around the 100s) on Broadway that sells Mangosteen Smoothies and you haaaaaaafto get it cos it’s soooooo good.

You crack them open and they’re like garlic-clove looking things inside. Some of the bigger ones have seeds but most of them don’t.

Sooooooooo good <3

I think my readership is slightly failing right now? Oh wells :D

  1. Oh wow? what a COLLECTION DDDEEEEeeeeee maaan this is crazy, love your rings collection, I thought that white branch was meant to be some kind of abstract ring of some sort. BAH, do ship me off some if you’re sick of any.

  2. Oh my, I’m inlove with every peice of jewlery you own. Sucks it all fell to the floor but I’m glad you showed them :) I adore all your rings! I need to start collecting some but I’m oddly picky with them.

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention, those miu miu shades… I’M SO JEALOUS! I’ve been looking for nice round glaces for some time now! I love yours so baddd

  4. I LOVE BLING!!! jeaaaalousssss! nothing makes me happier than a huge gold ring around my finger, lol.

    haha omg i can’t wait to eat mangosteens when i go home. and durian! and rambutan! oh home sweet home :)

  5. I want to steeeeal all ur watches D:

  6. every piece is gorgeous! and your mum’s wedding ring is one of its kind too. sometimes i wear my engagement ring as necklace too :)

  7. your jewellry collection is UH-MAZING. those bracelets are to die for!
    i’m an avid collector of sunglasses too! I have over 8 now. my craze for them started when i finally got contacts. it sucks you can’t wear them anymore! did you have soft ones or hard ones?

  8. Agree with others. Your cocktail rings collection, especially, I’m really loving them :)

  9. Hoohooohoooo my goshhh that jewelry collection is AWESOME… My just cannot compare at all!! xP I probably have 1/10th of the stuff in each collection listed above haha aghhhh i can’t wait till the day my older sis gets into fashion enough for her to start buying accessories… SIGH.

    Haha I love mangosteens!! =)) Cold mangosteens have got to be one of my fav fruit ever. Along with cold mango. Well anything cold to stave off the insane heat.

    Don’t kill yourself by looking at wordpress stats all the time!! Xp I used to use wordpress too and that stupid feature was so incredibly addictive but it did make me sad whenever it dropped by a lot all of a sudden… don’t worry; even for your fav blogs, you don’t necessarily read them each day right? could’ve been a busy day for everyone. At least that’s what I used to tell myself x) Your blog rocks and so many people actually read what you write! (which can’t always be said for other blogs lol)

  10. i’m jealous of your collection! I’ve accumulated a pretty big crap load of jewelry, but I seldom wear any of it. Lol I think I’m going to start wearing them (:

  11. Ok, before i even start on your ridiculously awesome jewelry collection, i want to mention that your comment totally cracked me up !
    A Tupperware party is a party where you can buy Tupperware containers ! LOL i know it’s suuuuper cheesy and grandmother-like of me, but i am so tired of using cheap containers that melt. Anywaays….

    YOUR JEWELRY…is….so beautiful !
    I love every single piece. The Ray-bans are my favorite. I really need to put my prescription in my sunglasses too ! I always ended up not wearing any because i can’t see :(
    All this to say…You have a very nice collection !
    And is Nanz really your sister ?

    Oh and Mangosteen ! I will definatly hunt for it. Maybe in China town they would sell some ? I saw the pictures and a litchi taste came to my mouth. Do they taste alike ?

    Ok enough chatting ! Have a nice day ;)

    Ps. Dude you own a Rolex ? Heaven !

  12. I want a dressing table like yours! & all the things on it :D

  13. Oh my dear sweet baby Jesus (semi-Talladega Nights reference)! Your collection is breath taking. I don’t even know where to begin.

  14. i want them ALL
    lol *steals*
    just finished my exams omg freedom and nowi have to sort out my stuff too

    and!!! mangosteen + durian + rambutans FTW

  15. omg your jewelry collection is ridiculously craveworthy.

  16. WOWOWOW. you have some amazing jewelry. i would love to wear a bunch of them at once!!

    those fruits look soo good and sound amazing. too bad i have never seen one of those things in my life :( i would have no idea where to find it.

  17. Damn. I’m so happy you comment cause your blog is awsome.

    Ugh just when I keep telling myself no more spending you have reminded me that I need a hella lot more rings ect. Seriously, you have the most amazeing collection.

    Eugh, time to look away. So enviouse right now.

  18. Wow wow!! I super love this post!! I love accessories! We have the same DIY layered chains..=) Oh and mangosteen is love!


  19. Your collection is amazing!
    My favorites are the agnes b. wristwatch and miu miu sunnies.

    When I’m not out, I’m probably sitting at home on the computer eating fruit. In my pajamas looking pretty gross. If some guy from my school randomly popped by my house for a visit I would so have a heart attack.

    My parents are Taiwanese but I live/grew up in Hong Kong. My dad works there half a week so I go back once in a while :)

  20. LOL. peniless? just sell a portion of your jewellery and you’d be rich, lots of good stuff, i see;) seriously, jaw dropping stuff, my collection looks dinky:(

    xx raez

  21. ahhh i want to try that fruit! its sounds familiar and it looks like lychee! :]
    mmm eye candy :]

  22. Gurrrrl I am so jealous right now. you put my “collection” to shame.

  23. why didn’t you sell your wardrobe when you moved? you KNOW i would have ALL up on that! hahahaha

  24. Wow, I love your jewellery collection and definitely a fan of all your KJL things! Are those fruits a little like Lychee?

  25. Wow, you have the best stuff. Those rings are especially effing amazing! Absolutely stunning blog post x

  26. awesome photos of your jewelry collection! I absolutely adore your ring collection, such gorgeous rings!!!!


  27. amorepace

    You have a great collection!

  28. I am SO jealous of your jewellery collection.. my collection is less than half of yours!! Love every single item.. seriously!!! Amazing photos dear!

  29. Wow your collection is really big and I love everything, there are many different stylesfrom the funny peanut necklace to gem-rings, AWESOME! And now I’m also tempted to try that fruit, really never seen anything like that before.. :)


  30. great set of photos!
    i am super jealous right now!
    i wish those rings would be mine :D


  31. hehe, my table looks the same sometimes:) well…most of the time:) Amazing collection! I love sunglasses too, it’s so sad that you can’t wear them:((

  32. awesome collection D! you should wear all of it at once and post a photo of that.

  33. omgomgomgomg my collection is probably 1/3 that size and i’m probably as penniless as you :( mannnnn congrats!

  34. It’s probably going to annoy the hell out of you if I comment on every single thinking I like/love about your jewelery so I’ll just say this: you have the best collection of jewelery I have ever seeeeen.

    And that little ring stand is cute because its dying from the weight of all your fab rings.

  35. OH-MY-GOSH!

  36. My jaw literally dropped at the sight of your collection. Your taste in jewelry is exquisite. Love this post, you should get bored more often!! x

  37. HEY!

    I stumbled onto your page and was wondering where you are from. How much does the Vita Lemon Tea cost where you are from? I love vita lemon tea but its so expensive here. Let me know. thanks!

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