Family Outfit


Custom made black dress, CΓ©line mini Cabas tote, Jason Wu x MELISSA jelly sandals.
On Nanz: Self-Portrait Azaelea dress and Aquazzura heels.

So this is way overdue (but not as overdue as my own wedding post!) but better late than never! Last summer, in the blazing blazing Hong Kong heat, my younger sister Sha (or Nanz as I call her) and Euge got married! It was just the signing at our Cityhall equivalent but it was a #SHUGEDEAL because it was on the day of their 10 year anniversary!! Maybe in movies, but rarely in your own life do you get to witness a couple who have been together for so long since they were teenagers and yet are still constantly growing in love and getting sillier and sillier by the day.

I wore a custom dress that I had made at the Fabric Market in Shanghai. It’s based on this polka dot H&M dress (that I wore to my friend Carmen’s wedding) that is based on this Chloe PF14 dress but I kind of love it in black (duh). I actually extended the length a bit so it could be more flow-y and I really love the draping detail and the stitching. Oh yah and in case you’re wondering about Euge’s leg brace thingy: literally a week before the signing, he majorly hurt his leg and found out that he tore his ligament. Luckily his brace blended into his suit but poor guy had to limp around in the heat. Luckily it was all healed up before their actual wedding in November..more on that later!

My handsome babe wearing a J.Crew Ludlow suit (that he wore to our signing too!) and a Rag & Bone tie.


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