Clockwise spiral: Vans Era in leather, Levi’s by Pendleton denim jacket with wrap lining, a new leather jacket, Panasonic Lumix pancake lens, Dr Martens Black Smooth, Curly hair (check!), Marshall Major headphones, Grey Ant Status sunglasses, Céline Original sunglasses in nude, Vilac Keith Haring chair in red, Lanvin two-tone flats, Alexander Wang Ines Oxfords (I know i know, they’re old and sold out everywhere but I still wish for them) and lastly, since the Ines’ are unavailable, the new Alexander Wang cutout oxfords (name?).

I am constantly on a wanting spree but it was surprisingly hard to put this list together for things I realistically want. If this was unrealistic then there’d probably be 10 PS1s, 5 Céline totes, 10 Miu Miu shoes and well you get the point on.


Finally! Since it’s finally xmas, I’ve decided to finally get my act together and set up the giveaway on my blog.

I’ll be giving away this DIY leather two-tone triangle (with whatever customizable initial) as a FIRST PRIZE and then this DIY blue agate stone pendant necklace as a SECOND PRIZE. Yes there are TWO prizes so there will be a first place and a second place.

First Prize:

Second Prize:

How to win:
It’s SUPER easy to win, simply leave a comment on this post and for more chances to win, simply follow me on TWITTER! If you do follow me on twitter, make sure you leave your twitter username in the comments below so that I can check if you’re following :)


Because it’s xmas, I’ll be drawing the winners in the new year on January 15th, so you have almost 3 weeks to enter! Make sure you spread the word and tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your dog!


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who takes the time out of their day to stop by and read my blog. It’s really flattering when people say they like my stupid blog and I’m so very grateful for everyone who bothers to even stop by here (even if just for a second). Thank you to everyone and have a great great Christmas and a suppppppppppppppppppppperbio New Year :)


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