H&M pleated skirt, Topshop denim shirt, Vans Authentics, D&G Miss Pocket bag.

Attempting new blogger poses…

Definitely the BEST pose for double slit skirts..lol guys I’m 25………..hahahaha

H&M double wrist cuffs, left: all Tiffany&Co. rings, right: random skull ring and random bone ring.

So yesterday was my birthday guyzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really really lucky that I got to celebrate 3 days in a row, starting on June 30th, the day BEFORE my birthday. After work we headed out for Happy Hour drinks with my friends at HYDE (zzz) then we moved on to PURE restaurant in Soho! Good bar food, lots of drinks and fun times were had all around and also thanks to Valerie for stopping by! Yay bLoGgEr FrIeNdS RuLe~~~

The next day, my actual birthday, I just spent the afternoon relaxing with PB and getting myself a new 2TB hardrive hahaha. We capped my chill birthday with dinner with my family at Ye Shanghai in Marco Polo Hotel. Soooooooo yum and although I hardly ever eat spicy things, I could totally do with a jar of their XO sauce!! Nanz bought me (more like bought for herself!) a DOUBLE FUDGE BROWNIE cake from Mrs. Fields for my birthday cake!!

And finally, today the day after my actual birthday, was a major epic brunch with my girlz~~ Julie, Carmen and Alex! We went back to Spasso for the brunch buffet but this time unlimited champagne included!!! We literally were first ones there (like they wouldnt even let us in the restaurant yet) and we were practically the last ones to leave. We sat (and ate and drank) for over 4 hours hahaha but MAN was it EPIC and GOOD. I’m so stuffed right now, I could honestly pass for 4 months pregnant..but pssh what else is new huh?

Wore the outfit above today for brunch since the maxi skirt is quite loose and I knew would be vital in concealing my food baby. Yes yes it’s the exact same skirt I’m wearing in my previous post but I love it and it’s so fun when the wind blows and woOOoooOOoooO my skirt billows in the wind hahahahaha I’m also really happy with my denim shirt which I just recently got from Topshop (sold in Hong Kong at Lane Crawford). I’ve been searching high and low for a loose-fitting short sleeve darkish denim top for ages and was almost going to get a vintage men’s shirt and hack off the sleeves BUT luckily I found this instead since I’d probably be too lazy to do that DIY sleeve thing…

Okay these pics are in reverse days order..oh well!

(Warning: MAJOR photo overload but I don’t care..cos it’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!)

Nummmmmmmmmmmmmmm at Spasso!

LOL dessert for 4 girls!!! If you’re following me on Instagram (SUPERWOWOMG) then you’ve already seen this today…and the after effects too hahaha. No we didn’t end up finishing allll of it…and we practically munched on these dishes for like 2 hours hahaha.

Mini ice cream cones!

Man these double wrist cuffs are definitely not made for Hong Kong Summers. I was pretty much working up a pool of sweat under them on my walk over hahahaha #gross

Chanel necklace from Nanz for my bday 3 or 4 years ago, Pig pendant bought from Young Designer’s Market and finally, awesome triangle necklace from Moratorium Jewelry: my older sister’s new jewelry line! Coming soon!

DIY Bellini!

Julie was reaaaaaaaaaaally into these crazy lobster legs



So going back in reverse, here’s my cake from my family dinner <3 fenx nenzizi!

And finally, from the day before my birthday, just a few pics from a good night out!

Nanz and her bff!



More yum!

Valerie and her friend! hehehe so cute!

ehaheahehae so thanks to everyone who wished my Happy Birthday on Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook and I wish everyone was in Hong Kong to celebrate with me!


  1. i think i went to spasso while i was in HK!! i stared at the pic of the outside place for like 5 minutes thinking if i went there or not….
    IM 90% SURE I DID

    ANYWAY, HAPPY BDAY AGAIN!!! the new blogger poses really work for you!!

  2. Happy birthday! you are so beautiful!!! all the food looks super yum!!

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  4. You always looks so pretty, happy birthday once again!

  5. kekeke love the lobster gif. And that is some crazy dessert overload you got there which may explain the sugar high post? Hahaha.. Happy to see you had such a lovely birthday! ^^


  6. HAPPPPPPY BIRTHHHDAYYYY~~~!!! :DDD WOWW a 3 day celebration sounds fantastic!! so glad to hear you had such a good time!!!

    where is that Spasso place!!! is it like a really expensive restaurant or a pretty affordable place?? :D I SOOOO WANNA gO aND STUFF MY FACE with DESSERTS!!!! maybe when i next go hk or sth!!

    i loved all those polaroids you guys took that i saw on your tumblr!!

  7. HAAAAAPPPYYY BIRRRTTTHHHDAAAAAYYYYY!!! feel a lil’ sad because i didn’t know you had your birthday already, and i was beyond late to congratulate you..but i think, it’s never too late to say it, and i wish you had the best year ahead!!!! i bet you will, since you are surrounded with happy and nice people :D

    talk to you later, keep blogging!!

  8. aww happy b-lated birthday! looks like so much fun! i the D&G bag btw

    Vi from Cali

  9. congrats girl, a bit afterwards (–: hope u had a good one

  10. happy belated birthday!! those cuffs look amazing. too bad its so hot out!

  11. Ahh….its my birthday too. Nice meeting you today at the shoot. The red lips looked really good btw! – alan see (leaving a msg from my wifes account)

  12. i want your pants!!!

  13. HAPPPPYYYYY BELATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

    (YOU and PEEB are too cute)

  14. Happy Birthday girl! Looks like an amazing day with your friends and the food makes me say OMG over and over! haha :-) xxoxoxoxoo

    I applaud you for your summer style in that sweltering HK heat. I feel like I walk around half naked in HK. That or run from air con to air con.
    Also, your jewellery? Insane. I’ve probably said it a million times, but DAMN.


  16. happy belated birthday! omg it looks like you had a wonderful day! so jealous! my birthday was awful, spent the whole day studying… you are so funny, i love your poses, and the skirt is wonderful!


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