Saint James Galathée tee from JCrew.com, Topshop floral flocked jeans (similar here), Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Cole Haan reflective 3M Skylar wingtips and sunglasses from Taiwan market (LOVE these Miu Miu ones too).

How cool is it that it says YO! in the reflection of my sunglasses? hahaha actually it says JOY backwards, a reflection of the JOYRICH store in Taiwan’s DONG QU 東區 area. Bringing it back a couple of months again to our major Brew&Post trip to TAIPEI! Our full Brew&Post team has been temporarily split up for our favourite teenagers have left us to go back to London for their final year at CSM! On the upside, we’ve gained a new member! Kenneth Wu, the other half of the How I Met Your Style team with Carmen! Looks like we’ll be needing another group holiday when the teens come back!

#TaipeiStory was ages ago now but good thing I have this ddtv video episode to remember all our fun times!

Watch in HD on Vimeo!

Poppa J and me!

Outside the BEST SHOP EVER: Mogoo Popcorn!!

har har har #GIFFUN

hahahahhaa interchanging Jason and Carmen :D


Impromptu posing in front of moving rolling racks.

Good times, bro!


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