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I’ve been trying to write this post for such a long time now. There’s just no way to sum up the epicness of what this Seoul trip was all about. Converse invited me along with a bunch of other influencers from around South East Asia to experience Seoul through the Converse lens and to attend their seasonal Press Preview. The fact that I was in a group with people like Georgina Wilson from Philippines, Jane Chuck from Malaysia, Yoyo Cao from Singapore, Melinda Wang from Taiwan/Hong Kong and Ong Ai Leng from Malaysia was like zomgwtfimnotworthy.

Anyway so for a few days in Seoul, we were guided around the city visiting several hot spots that embodied the three Converse segments: Chuck Taylor, Cons and Jack Purcell. We were split up into smaller groups (essentially just so we could all fit in Converse vans [har har]) and for Asia Pacific, our first stop was the Stussy/Kasina headquarters in Gangnam. Lots of sweaty moseying around lalala then we headed over to 10 Corso Como, and finally a delicious lunch break at Independent Cafe. Definitely try to hit up this spot if you’re around sinsa-dong because the brunchy food (especially the diff sharing platters) and the impossibly artificially colored drinks are sosososososoo delicious. Even a stop for lunch felt like the longest day but we soldiered on to the Used Cassettes band studio followed by my new favourite store EVER called Gentle Monster. Such a fucking cool sunglasses and glasses store. Seriously make this number one on your list for retail visits. We finally capped off the day at Pattisi:er Sinsajang with an aoirgjaoeirgjamazinggggggg band and DJ performance and mmd (mamadei/so-so) weird fusion buffet food.

HUGE thanks to Converse APAC for the great experience (and the fun but far stay at W Hotel Walkerhill).
Check out all the social media posts through#CONVERSEgotseoul!

Jason works so hard on these Converse events, SUPPORT 100000%!

First stop: Stussy shop / Kasina headquarters in Gangnam

The kids are back! Wang from Spittle Bug Cringe and D.Ho

yummmyyy, fresh new Converse x Margiela in 10 Corso Como! You can get them online: hightops / lowtops!

Picked up these super awesome American Flag Converse Chuck 70s while I was in HK last month. SO GOOD I love them. The Chuck 70s model is a new release of an old version of the Chuck Taylor. It mimics the original silhouette, slightly bulkier with a thicker sole and a tiny bit shiny finish. The Chuck 70s silhouette is so much comfy and personally, for all high-tops I normally pick up a half or full size up so that I can wear socks in there!

Checking out the latest Jack Purcell collection at Beaker! At Beaker, we also got the chance to style some models that were just standing around the store.

Lunch break at Independent Cafe in Garosu-gil. Super good brunch/western place with really delicious drinks and a great alleyway for shooting streetstyle….

We shared two huge platters, soooo good!

Yoyo, from Exhibit Singapore, being shot by Jules for Streething.com

My turn to be shot by Jules and in turn, shooting the group of “paparazzi”s shooting me as seen on my instagram.

Hi guy! (incase you’re wondering: Supreme Hanes tee, Supreme cap and Isabel Marant pour H&M necklace)

Post lunch with full bellies, headed over to Used Cassettes‘ band studio. They are on the forefront of Seoul’s indie music scene and one of the first foreigner band in Seoul that sings in Korean (yes IN KOREAN!)

They developed a sort of DIY approach to some of their earlier albums; recording, producing and even designing the whole album themselves. I got a real Last Dinosaur’s (they’re so good, look them up) vibe from them, so glad we got their cd!

We then headed over to GENTLE MONSTER near the band studio. IN LOVE with this store. Seriously, if you get the chance go check it out. The structure of the store and the way they designed the space is really incredible. Furthermore, their sunglasses collection is so so so good and really quite affordable.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything here (even though I really really really wanted to!). I had just gotten the CΓ©line papillon’s so cannot.. ):

DYING, these exaggerated clubmasters from the PUSHBUTTON x GENTLE MONSTER collaboration are sososososo good.

The inside of the PUSHBUTTONs, I mean..come on. So fking goooood.

Finally, after a long ass day, our last stop for dinner and a party at Pattisi:er Sinsajang. They had a super awesome band and DJ play and it was super fking good – definitely some wilin’ out music for at home crazy dance sessions with Sumo hehe.

The images taken via the app were on rotation on screen. Really funny to see what photos people posted. Great idea.

A free day in Seoul allowed us to mosey around ourselves. We headed up our favourite MyeongDong and Hongdae areas.
Wearing a sheer daisy tshirt from ASOS and Karen Walker Harvest sunglasses.

Somebody loooooves Korean banana milk

Wearing Supreme hanes tee, Acne jeans, CΓ©line sunglasses, an Ann Dem tote bag and of course Converse Chuck Taylors.

This was definitely a funny photo…and then we proceeded to go IN to Funny Photo to take fun sTiCkIe PiX*~*~*~*~

Lunch at Meating! Sounds funny, looks sketchy but SOOOO good. It’s like an all you can eat meat and veggie buffet mhmmmhmhmmhm

guhhhhhhh so good

Post lunch, walking along Sinsa-dong and stopping for a drink at Coffee Smith while we use the free internet :)

and then this gem of a lady wearing these straight fiyah high-heeled “Nike” Air Force Ones..I mean…i just…cant..

Walked over to Grill5 Taco to meet up with the Uncles..and stopped by Anthology, a super cute house-y trinket-y store. I seriously do love me some trinkets, right nanz?

And finally back to the W Hotel at Walkerhill. These uncles looking real cool for Jason’s instagram.

MMMMMMmmMmmmmmM the complimentary fruity water at the W lobby..dreams I say..dreams..

Coffee Smith: 536-20, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Gentle Monster: 404-5, Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul
Beaker store: Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 738-36
Stussy: 645-24 Shinsa, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
10 Corso Como: 79 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Pattisi:er Sinsajang: μ„œμ΄ˆκ΅¬ μž μ›λ™ 15-8, 신사μž₯ 1f

  1. no way, those nike heels! I’ve never seen that before. Too cool.

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