I always believe if you find something good, hold on to it and never let it go. Nothing could be truer than when it comes to boyfriends (hello jason), family (blood means no choice but doesn’t mean no friends, hello nanz!), skincare (kiehls, rare earth line, my true love) and of course, most importantly (yes more important than love, family and skin), the most airy fairy breezy cooling-down perfect Summer tshirt. Flash back to about 4 years ago when H&M was actually putting out some decently constructed and durable pieces like this floral lace-but-not-lace tshirt and this other hole-y netted sweater that I still wear all the time. All times of the year, I’m attracted to hole-y tops that maximize ventilation and allow that peek-a-boo secretly slutty-but-not-slutty-cos-it’s-so-oversize-and-boyfriend-fit look. Here’s to hoping that this old H&M shirt keeps me cool, calm and classy for many summers to come!

Few weeks ago I needed to satisfy my sushi/Japanese food craving like my life depended on it. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, we hit up a nice quiet spot called TENYA on Taicang Lu and at first, was not impressed with the weird Mediterranean-feeling interiors that looked like it was leftover from the previous restaurant that used to occupy the space. It also never feels quite right to us when a restaurant is half empty at optimal dinner-time-time. Anyway we proceeded to order our food anyway and was happily surprised to find the food was DELICIOUS and the sushi was SO SO SO SO good. Now, me and Jason don’t have refined must-only-eat-the-most-expensive-food-at-all-times type of palette but we can definitely judge a good dish and Tenya really did not disappoint.

   EAT HERE:   

Tenya, 68号 Taicang Rd, Lu Wan Qu, Shanghai, China. +86 21 5383 6886.

Steamed tuna sushi. Never tried tuna sushi like this but it was very delicious! The topping was semi-warm with the rice and seaweed a nice room temperature, funny!

Salmon 5 ways: minced salmon gunkan maki with salmon roe, salmon sushi topped with onions and mayo, salmon sushi topped with tobiko, semi-seared salmon topped with fried spring onions and finally a nice OG salmon sushi. SO GOOD.

The best dish: Bukkake Salad. Don’t ask about the crazy name haha but it’s a huge pile-up of snow crab leg meat, minced toro and salmon roe on top of 12pcs cucumber roll. Super yum and check out… crazy explosion! I piled all of them on and plopped that big mama in my mouth all in one go! Yum!

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