AA short sleeve tunic, H&M wool blazer, AA leggings, Frye harness boots, Yohji Yamamoto scarf, DIY totebag

This is a totebag I sewed up myself. If you’ve read my blog before, maybe you remember a skirt I made out of this same fabric. I think it works better as a tote though. The tutorial will be posted on DIYblog soon!

Last Monday we spent the whole day bumming. It was another day of waking up at 3pm so we didn’t eat lunch until 5pm..crazy! As usual, we then proceeded to walk around SoHo/Nolita and ended up walking past the new Cheap Monday popup DIY store..they were still setting up so we couldn’t go i yet. We also stopped by Eileen’s Cheesecake for a scrumptious mini blueberry cheesecake that was seriously delicious. If you’re ever in New York, Eileen’s is a must! It’s on Kenmare and..the street that merges with Lafayette..I forget….but anyways you must go!

At Eileen’s Cheesecake!

SOOOOOOOOOO good mini blueberry cheesecake


On our way home, on Bowery there’s this random..i think it’s a vintage or artifacts store or something but these in the window totally made my jaw drop:

I particularly LOVED this piece. I’m totally feeling the whole BIB necklace look…i love that it’s called BIB necklace too lulz, like a behbeh. This picture of MaryKate totally sold me on it.

from OlsensAnon.


Be sure to click on over to our DO IT YO’SELF BLOG to find out how to make YOUR own version of the amazing Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag, made famous and one of the most envied bags by Mary Kate Olsen herself:

Also, don’t forget, if there are ANY DIY projects or things you want to make or never knew how to do, then leave us a comment or email us at doityoselfblog@gmail.com to let us know and we will try our very bestest to conjure up an awesome and easy tutorial :)

  1. i saw you mo and your sis on weds on rivington. tried to call to you but i guess i wasn’t loud enough. was at epsteins. anyway – i dont have your number on my phone??? gah! email or txt me! =)

  2. i like ur blazer
    u look amazing in it

    i will try to diy a stud bag =D

  3. i love your photos, and that scarf is UNREAL

  4. nanz stop yo whining. you didn’t even make me my CHAPAGHETTI. :@

  5. I am dying over that scarf.. love it.
    And of course I will add you to my blogroll, I love your blog.

  6. nice outfit. i like the stud bag!! its pretty cool. rmb that small bag we saw that place in TST granville for like $400??! ,…i really want it now..the blueish one..

  7. yay thanks:)
    uuh what color did u order? (i’ve got the black patent leather ones)
    if thats your boyfriend you guys r one of those anoyingly good looking couples!

    great blog!


  8. Your blazer looks incredible and your bag is amazing. I wish I could be that creative with my bags.

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