AA tshirt dress, random tights, Frye Harness boots, Miu Miu doctor bag, DIY necklace and other random jewelry

YEH ^^v.

Soooooo I dyed my hair black. My mom was fussing around at my old colour saying “I’m not sure if anyone will hire you with that hair colour.” -__- yep my mom lives in the 1700s. Anyway I was getting sick of my roots showing and at my current jobless state, I have insufficient funds to maintain the do. My hair is also ridiculously long and now ridiculously black that my head gets SOO hot here so I usually just end up bundling it all up into a bun.

It was raining the other day, hence the big boots and the tights…but I was still sweating my brains out as I mosied my way to IFC Mall to meet nanz and euge for tea and some Zara shopping (btw some ppl asked, yah Nanz is my sister..and no, her real name isn’t Nanz, lulz).

Palace IFC, our favourite tea place. They feature teas from Mariage Frères, which is from France.

Our super favourite tea is the Marco Polo (black tea flavored with Chinese and Tibetan fruits and flowers). We love it so much we bought a full bag of the Marco Polo from a silly French lady, complete with Ping Pongs sticker.

This is an amazing jacket I found at Zara. They’re up to their typical behaviour with “borrowing” designs from designer labels but hellz, if I can do the Balmain do at the Zara price then I’m all for it :D Unfortunately, I didn’t end up leaving wtih this since, upon opening my wallet, a trickle of mosquitos buzzed out. Instead I left with a regular boyfriend blazer (on sale)..something that I have been wanting for a while now.

At Park’n’Shop (supermarket):

I particularly deteste Vitasoy..but the stacking of the cartons looked really good.

Looooove Vita lemon tea way better (I bet all the Asian readers not in Asia are craving this right now)

And now, the obligatory dawgie pics:

hehehehe soooo cute and happy!!


Another obligatory Obi tongue pic. More silly pics here!

Lastly, I just posted a new DIY on Ladylike for a geometric necklace I made and love:

Click the pic!!!!

  1. outfit is as cute as always & i like the black hair color. gonna miss the brown but u wear it well. i must say the blazer on you looks killer!!!


    i like the black hair! i almost went much lighter with my hair but bought the wrong shade so it turned out only slightly lighter :/

  3. lol @ your dogs! yeah i so need a dye job as well. my DIY dye job did not fare too well. i want a maddd colourrr!

    love your miu miu!

  4. behbeh I heart that necklace you made! i read your diy and i think i can do that! i’m so bad at diys cuz i start and then give up, it’s a bad habit :( anywaaaays, do you mind if i repost it on my blog? you know i love my triangles! :)

  5. EEEEK! The puppeh! Sleeping with his tongue sticking out! I just melted into a big pile of goo. Seriously.

    I love the Zara “Balmain-esque” jacket, oh it’s fabulous.

  6. um, are you not the classiest person ever?
    the correct answer is yes.

    and woah that diy. amazing. i’ll probably just end up with everything tangled in my hair. great model btw, sooo jealous! hehe.

  7. yay palace ifc!
    i live on vitasoy lemon tea…i have a six-pack hidden under my bed.
    haha i remember my mom from when my brother was doing job interviews…like when he was unsuccessful she would totally blame it on his (very messy) hair.

    my kitten sleeps on her back like that too…it’s kind of ridiculous.

  8. BLACK HAIR. I couldn’t pinpoint the change when I first looked at the pics but I thought ‘WoW, She Looks Great!’

  9. I hate you! that bag is gorgeous :( *dies*

  10. love your boots!! :)


  11. I used to dye my hair too but got sick of the roots and it’s been black again for the longest time.

    Yum Vita Lemon tea!!!

  12. Black looks goodon you !!!
    and i havent tied Vita’s lemon tea yet!!!
    the tea bag with ping pong stickers look sooo cute!

  13. cute doggies :D! the one modeling your DIY piece gots skilllssss.

    PARKnSHOP. i vaguely remember going into one of their supermarkets many many years ago.. gahhhh i miss hk!!!…. i would move there in a heartbeat! but my cantonese is soooo bad, it’ll be so hard for me to find a job :(

  14. i love the doggie photos! omg i want to cuddle with them.

    and your zara jacket is such a good buy. its perfect!

  15. I love your harness boots!! And omg that zara blazer… i need to go to zara and find it right now.. but i am so broke haha!! Hope you are well! xx

  16. i love your miu miu bag and that geometric necklace !!
    plus, ultra cute puppy ;]

  17. the boots are so so good! black looks amazing!

  18. HAPPPYBELATEDBIRTHDAYYYYY. SOrry it’s so late…I kind of went MIA in the blogging world @_@;;
    I like yo’ hurr. AND YOUR DOGS ARE SO CUTE.

  19. I love how you always look so comfortable & chic! The dog gif is so cute.

  20. I absolutely love your outfit, it’s so chic. Love your miu miu bag too. x

  21. HEY!! haha greetings from germany! =) Man that Zara blazer looks awesome. Structured and neat and as you said, hints of Balmain, but not too much such that the shoulders are insanely accentuated. That blazer totallý rocks. Heh can’t wait to see the other one that you bought!

    Ooo hey when I get back to Singapore I’ll keep an eye out for the black knee highs ya? I bought them at this place (Bugis) I usually go to and I’m sure there’ll be stalls selling so if I do find them I’ll could get them for you and send them to you (since HK is so near anyway lolz. just let me know what you think of that idea!) ;)

  22. Aaaahahhahaaa I just reread the post title and started laughing. you’re too clever. I just dyed my hair too! only lighter. It’s still fun though. I like your hair darker. Ummm what else, I’m going to have some tea now, thank you :)

  23. oh my shit!!! that blazer!! missed commenting on this blog haha xx
    might be going to HK soon…will let you know! :)

  24. i like your pose in the second picture!!
    aww man too bad you didn’t get that blazer! but at least you left with something :] i hate it when i go shopping with friends and can’t buy anything!!!
    ahh doggies! i love how doggies sleep on their back. it’s so cute :D

  25. Hey dnyce, were u in the forum of femalesneakerfiend? get back to me @ my email.

  26. Omg! In love with ur miu miu bag! Never seen it around before !

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